posted 4 years ago

Ford Mondeo Hybrid wins green award

Voted best large family car

The new Ford Mondeo Hybrid – the first hybrid electric vehicle to be manufactured by Ford in Europe – has won the Next Green Car Large Family Car Award. 

The manufacturer was praised for bringing the hybrid to the market delivering emissions under the 100g CO2/km threshold. 

The award-winning vehicle uses two electric motors in the hybrid system, one which supports the petrol engine and another to enable regenerative charging to the lithium battery. Due to the combination of the engines, the Mondeo returns 67.3 mpg and is capable of speeds up to 85mph in electric mode.

Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe said: “We’ve improved fuel efficiency and CO2 without sacrificing the power and driving experience Mondeo customers have come to expect.”

Easy to drive

The Mondeo hybrid’s petrol-electric hybrid powertrain also makes the vehicle easy to drive; the driver does not need to do anything differently from a regular petrol or diesel vehicle. It is started the same way, driven the same way and fuel is the same. 

The only thing customers might want to learn is how to maximise their fuel economy by modifying their driving habits. The vehicle makes it easy to do this, via features such as ‘Brake Coach’, which encourages gradual braking to help return more energy to the battery.

Efficiency is further optimised by Electric Power Assisted Steering and Ford-developed continuously variable transmission and control software. The Mondeo Hybrid operates without engine accessory drives for significantly reduced drag on the engine. Air-conditioning is powered electrically, as are the powertrain cooling and vacuum systems and a new exhaust gas heat recovery system enables faster cabin warming.


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