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Ford Motorcraft 4+ Keeps Vehicles Safe And Reliable

Ford's MOT, servicing, repairs, tyres and Winter Check fully prepare your vehicle for the road ahead.

Transparent pricing and brand specific expertise

Ford Motorcraft 4+ enables you to cost effectively have your vehicle maintained and repaired by manufacturer trained specialists. It is optimised for Ford vehicles aged 4 years plus with the technicians only fitting manufacturer parts to ensure compatibility and the prices include parts, labour, and VAT.


Motorcraft 4+ Servicing includes far more than an oil change - lots of other work and checks are carried out, ensuring your car runs at its best, cuts the risk of breakdown and makes it easier to sell. Amongst other things the technician: replaces the engine oil, inspects the brakes, checks the steering, tests the battery, checks alignment then tops-up anti-freeze and screen wash.

The Motorcraft Minor Service costs just RRP £125, and a Motorcraft Major Service costs RRP £195 with the addition of replacement spark plugs (petrol only), further brake checks, new air filter, new external fuel filter (diesel), pollen filter inspection and transmission fluid check. Both services also include complementary UK and European roadside assistance available at participating dealers, plus the free wash and vacuum. 


There’s Premium, Mid-Range and Budget tyres in the Ford Motorcraft range that starts from RRP £33.95. For optimum performance during acceleration, braking and steering in different conditions, you can benefit from £10 off 2 or more Premium tyres when booked online using code 10FORD until 28th February 2017. The discount will be applied automatically to your online quote.


The Ford Motorcraft 4+ MOT is a thorough inspection which ensures your vehicle is safe for the road and meets environmental standards. It is also a legal requirement from 3 years. Prices start from £30 if booked with a service, or £35 when booked alone.

If work is required, the technician informs you in advance and only proceeds with permission. As manufacturer parts are installed – by manufacturer trained specialists – any warranty is unaffected. 


Ford Motorcraft 4+ Repairs keep your vehicle is peek condition. To find an all-inclusive price, simply visit the manufacturer's website, select a category of work then the relevant model. Ford Mondeo, perhaps. Categories are: brakes, batteries, air-conditioning, wiper blades, starter motors, alternators, anti-freeze, shock absorbers, clutch kits, timing belts and brake fluid.

Winter Check

The Ford Motorcraft4+ Winter Check prepares your vehicle for poor weather for RRP £19.99. Its purpose is to minimise the risk of weather related breakdowns and collisions. Cared for components include the:

  • battery (to ensure the engine starts easily);
  • alternator (to ensure the battery charges efficiently);
  • tyre condition (to check for hazardous defects and wear);
  • tyre pressure (to optimise the handling, ride and braking);
  • brake condition and fluid (to further ensure your vehicle stops safely);
  • steering (to ensure your vehicle tracks properly);
  • suspension (to ensure there are no leaks);
  • cooling system and anti-freeze (to check for leaks that impede the engine and top-up the anti-freeze);
  • engine oil (to check its condition and level as oil minimise wear);
  • wiper blade condition (to, if necessary, inform you that replacements blades are required to improve visibility);
  • screen wash top-up (to keep the windscreen and rear window clean);
  • exhaust condition (to ensure your car is not polluting excessively);
  • exterior lights (to, if necessary, inform you that replacements bulbs are required to improve visibility).
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