posted 3 years ago

Ford Mustang To Go On Sale In Europe

World-wide Launch For Iconic Car

Nearly 50 years ago Ford unleashed their muscle car the Mustang onto the roads.  The car has become an icon amongst its may fans and has featured in many films, it’s first appearance was in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger and it was most famously driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

Now the sixth generation has just been released at Ford’s “Go Further” event in Barcelona which introduced the sports car as well as new concepts and technological advancements.

Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford was at the event.  He said, ‘When I think of the future of Ford, I think back to the vision of my great-grandfather, Henry Ford. He saw the car as a means to a better life, and he believed that with mobility comes freedom and progress - a belief that I share. His vision holds true to this day, even as we reinterpret it for the future. It underpins our One Ford strategy, and it is what we mean when we say "Go Further."’

Such is the popularity of the Mustang, it was unveiled worldwide in six cities on four continents, with the general public being able to watch the “Go Further” event live online.

In what is a first for the car, it will be for sale in Europe as right-hand drive and there will be a choice of two engines: a 5.0-litre V8 and a 2.3-litre EcoBoost, the latter aimed at being fuel efficient but still producing more than 309 PS.  The new Mustang will also feature a fully independent suspension system which will improve ride quality, giving the driver a greater driving experience.

Bill Ford had a Mustang as his first car and is still as passionate about them today, ‘Mustang embodies all that is special and unique about Ford vehicles - the passion, performance and true driving quality that is accessible to the many, not just the few. It's the same DNA that runs through all of our products - from our SUVs and our Transit family, through to our ST performance range.  Mustang is a car that will inspire the confidence to drive us forward and help us to reach our greatest potential.  That's why its arrival on this continent is truly a milestone for our brand - and a unique moment in our history.’

The event also revealed the Ford Ka Concept, which will add practicality being a five door and the Edge Concept SUV, which will make its European debut and offer driver aids such as Fully Assisted Parking, which will park the car at the touch of a button and an Obstacle Avoidance system.  The Edge Concept will go on sale by 2017.