posted 5 years ago

Ford unleash Fiesta STs at CarFest North

Ford Fiesta STs put through their paces by stunt driver Paul Swift

CarFest North, the brainchild of BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans took place at the leafy race track of Oulton Park in Cheshire.

The motoring event had plenty to amuse both adults and kids alike and not just of a petrolhead nature, with food, music and family fun as record crowds descended on the event.

Ford have just announced that orders have exceeded their expectation on the Fiesta ST. Since it went on sale in March motoring journalists have loved it, we can certainly be added to that list with our review here: "New Ford Fiesta ST" and now buyers have shown their growing interest in the car.

Since its release 3,000 orders have come from the UK alone and Ford will now be increasing production by 15% to accommodate the need for the Fiesta ST.

So what better way than to have them at CarFest North and have them put through their paces by Top Gear stunt driver and Guinness World Record holder Paul Swift.

As the son of the legendary Russ Swift, it was no surprise that Paul would follow in his footsteps, or dare we say it, his tyre tracks.

The crowds at Carfest North were entertained by Paul and his team in three Molten Orange Fiesta STs as they showcased their skills.

From J-turns to parallel parking with a difference, the stunts got the crowd going. During the choreographed routine the Ford Fiesta ST’s were more than up to the job of the stunts they were being put through.

Paul seemed very impressed with the Fiesta ST, ‘They are fantastic as they are perfect for this sort of thing and the show we’re putting on here. They’re nimble, agile and they’re quick as well. The power to weight ratio is really important for this sort of stuff and they’re reliable, which is most important when we’re putting on three or four shows a day. We haven’t got any spare cars so we know they’re going to do the job.’

The 180 bhp Ford Fiesta ST starts from £16,995 and if you fancy yourself as a bit of a stunt driver, then nothing was modified on the Fiesta STs Paul and his team were driving.

Paul added, ‘They’re absolutely standard, the only small modifications we do is pump up the tyre pressures and disconnect the ABS so we can skid them.’

If you want to have a go, then go to where you can learn how to perfect J-turns and much more.