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Ford Vignale: A Whole New Experience (Who Is Alfredo?)

Who is Alfredo Vignale and what does this mean?

It is no secret that Ford have been dominating the small car market with their Fiesta being the best selling car in the UK for the last 5 years, and as of July 2014 the Fiesta became the UKs best selling car of all time, with over 4,115,000 units sold since production began in 1976.

The Mondeo, however, has been decreasing in sales gradually over the last 10 years as the populations’ buying habits have swayed to more executive German-built cars, like the BMW 3 series, and new MPV’s have entered (and severely disrupted) the market for family buyers. Ford have noticed a huge proportion of their buyers opt for the range topping trim in the larger models, such as CMax, SMax, Kuga and Mondeo. This tells us that there is definitely a market of people who appreciate the Ford badge and have a taste for the finer creature comforts. Enter the influence of Alfredo Vignale…


Alfredo was an Italian man born in 1913 who dedicated his life to being a ‘Carrozzeria’ - which translates to Coach Builder - and he was rather good at it. By 1946 Alfredo had earnt a solid reputation and progressed enough to open his own shop in Turin. At the time Alfredo was creating bodies for Fiat - the original 500 and 1100 were two of the most famous early models that Alfredo had tinkered with. Alfredo then opened a factory which produced vehicles on Fiat chassis. The vehicles produced include the Vignale 125, Vignale 1500, and Vignale 850 and many more.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Interiors

Alfredo had an eye for stunning exteriors composed with dramatic lines that really accentuate the body of the vehicle. His portfolio is long and extensive, with manufacturers such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Triumph all using his influence in the design of their cars from 1945 to 1969.

Sadly, Alfredo Vignale was killed in a car accident while driving a Maserati in 1969, three days after selling his coachbuilding business to DeTomasso Automobili, but his spirit lives on through Vignale name which has now fallen into the safe hands of Ford.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Detail

Fords target

Ford aim to resurrect the Vignale name as a luxury sub-brand of the Ford range. Not only will the Vignale range be the most exclusive and luxurious vehicles Ford have released to date, buyers will also receive the aftersales and ownership experience to match. The Vignale brand is targetted at taking the customers of German brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes by offering equally (if not more) luxurious vehicles which give an unparalleled level of customer service through 55 dedicated Vignale dealerships.

The Vignale is not only aimed to sway german buyers, but also to retain owners. The premium Vignale treatment includes;

  • A single Vignale relationship manager for all customer queries/

  • Guaranteed free collection and delivery for aftersale

  • A free car wash every month

  • Discrete waiting rooms in Vignale dealerships within FordStores


Are you a Ford owner considering changing to a German manufacturer or German brand owner speculative of your next purchase? We want to hear from you in the comments section...