posted 4 years ago

Forecourt Update: Honda NSX

New Honda NSX Makes World Début

What Is it?

The Honda NSX is a mid-engined, hybrid powered, supercar that took centre stage at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. It is the literal – and importantly spiritual - successor to the 1990 NSX that had its chassis tuned by Formula 1 legend, Ayrton Senna. 

Honda says it has the “world's first all-aluminium supercar” body that complements a carbon fibre floor. It sits on 19” wheels at the front and 20” at the rear. It also has four-wheel-drive, aluminium suspension, multi-piston callipers and carbon ceramic discs.

What Are The Engine Options?

Honda has not confirmed the engine's full specification, but it takes the form of a twin-turbocharged V6 petrol that is teamed with 9-speed, dual-clutch, transmission. 

NSX power is at least 550PS that – most likely – propels it to 62mph in about four seconds. 

The petrol engine complements an electric motor mounted close to the gearbox that “supports acceleration, braking and transmission shifting”. The front wheels are driven by separate, high output, electric motors that “deliver instantaneous torque response”.

What Are The Trim Options?

New Honda NSX trim levels have not been revealed. It might only have one. Standard equipment includes a launch function to ensure it gets off the line with “zero delay”.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

The Integrated Dynamic System has Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes. It adjusts the engine, motor, transmission and chassis response - as well as the engine sound – to suit the conditions. Operation comes courtesy of a dial rather than a computer based menu. 

Quiet Mode enables it to proceed using only electric power at low speeds for a short period. The NSX's responses become increasingly sharp as it  moves through the settings.

How Much Is It?

The NSX launches in the US in summer 2015 at $150,000. In this market, it sports the  “Acura” badge which is Honda's upmarket brand. Think Lexus/Toyota and Infiniti/Nissan. 

The UK launch date and price have not been confirmed.