posted 7 years ago

Free Fuel For a Year - Citroën Berlingo First

Motorists who purchase a new Citroën Berlingo First will soon get 'free fuel for a year'.

Good news. Motorists who purchase a new Citroën Berlingo First will soon get 'free fuel for a year'. This 'equivalent' value offer is based on 10,000 miles annual usage. So, within twenty- eight days of purchasing the vehicle, its hard working owner receives either a fuel card or pre- loaded credit card. This tantalising offer goes live on September 1st 2011 and runs for the entire month. It will apply to every Berlingo First variant, plus every other new Citroën van.

The Citroën Berlingo First HDi 75 is like an £80 hotel room. Nothing particularly flash, but a perfectly respectable choice. As such, this light commercial vehicle is only available with one engine - specifically a 1.6-litre diesel. This 75hp machine produces 175Nm of torque, averages a relatively pleasing 52.3mpg, and sits in emission class Euro 4. This means that twelve months road tax costs £130, which is enough to reserve a superior hotel room and breakfast.

The Citroën Berlingo First HDi 75 is easy to manoeuvre as it only measures 4,137mm by 1,724mm. Despite its modest dimensions, this load-lugger's cargo capacity is a perfectly respectable 2.7m3 and its payload is 600kg. The maximum load length is 1,700mm and the width a useful 1,600mm. Too small for hotel bed suppliers, but it can carry plenty of flat-pack bedside cabinets. Nothing too tall though, this vehicle's maximum interior height is 1,246mm.

The Citroen Berlingo First is only available with one standard specification, much like the rooms at cheap motorway service station hotels. Standard equipment includes the: air-bag, pre-tensioning seatbelts, central locking, and a radio CD player. Options include anti-lock brakes for £320 and air conditioning for a further £600. The van itself costs £11,535 plus VAT. Excellent value, especially as the free fuel for a year offer is worth a fair amount of money.