posted 6 years ago

Free Road Tax, Anyone?

Amazingly, some motorists like cars that are eligible for free road tax.

Amazingly, some motorists like cars that are eligible for free road tax. Why? Paying a fortune to the government is – surely – one of life's greatest pleasures. Either way, those who want to avoid this expense need the right vehicle. Cars registered from March 1st 2001 are taxed at various rates according to their carbon emissions. Low polluting cars can be taxed for free, whereas the charge for the least environmentally efficient vehicles is a bank-busting £460. The magic figure, for free road tax, is emissions of 100g/km or less. There are lots of 'proper' cars that meet this condition; so need to buy an old bicycle.

Our first contender is the capable Ford Fiesta Edge Econetic 1.6 TDCi DPF. Its emissions are 95g/km, it averages 78.5mpg, and could be yours for only £14,095. Very nice too - especially as the Fiesta has composed handling, plenty of toys, and stylish looks. The same can be said for the £14,995 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion 1.2 TDI 3dr. This is even kinder to the environment. It averages 80.7mpg and its emissions are 91g/km. These cars have decent performance too, so their 0-62 times are 12.9 and 13.9 seconds respectively.

Other vehicles that can be taxed for free include the: Citroen C3 1.4 HDi 16v VT, the fashionable Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir Pop, the robustly constructed Nissan Micra 1.2 DIG-S Visia, and the distinctive Kia Picanto 1.25 Halo EcoDynamics. It is worth benefiting from these cars now while the current road tax system is in effect. After all, one day soon every new car will sit in the 100g/km category. The Government's tax revenue will fall, so the charging criteria will probably change. Perhaps tax on radio station pre-sets is inevitable.

I'm interested to know how this free tax or low tax criteria applies to these cars over time, either in age of vehicle or mileage. Your answers most welcome. R

The Volvo V50 Drive is also free of road tax (at least for the moment). Diesel, very economical, fast, comfortable and full of great technology and many safety features. My last V50 was a 2 litre diesel and was taxed at £155.

You lot moan about this but do nothing as usual(being British) if you don't wish to pay rd tax buy a small classic car ! Morris minor 40mls p/gal,or triumph herald 1200or13/60 estate,salon,convertible all do 40mls per/gal,and you can service them yourself and get ALL the parts new for them it makes cheep motoring,i know this because i do it.Some of the new cars only do between 32 and 38 ml p/gal , so i say buy English cars not foreign rubbish ,and stop sending money over seas ,all the parts for classics are made in England.

My 12 month old BMW318d was exempt the first year and I have just paid £30 for the second year. My wife's Alfa 147 1.6 Twin Spark is taxed at £245 per annum. The difference is ludicrous. I do 10k miles and she does 4k miles per annum. The system is also totally unfair to poorer people who cannot afford to change their old high emissions car and were completely oblivious of future higher taxation when purchasing. The higher taxation rates should only have applied to new cars. Free taxation should be for electric vehicles only as an inducement, this should not apply to hybrids.

I totally agree with the other comments. Why should a New Car be except . If you can afford a new car then you can afford to tax it . Like very normal family run car owner has too. And why can't the money made from scrapped cars that have been court by the police ANPR system be put back into the government pot to lower the tax on those do tax there cars.

I believe that one of UK motoring's and DVLA great wrongs is how some cars with the highest of all carbon emissions are also tax free, a matter your writer completely omits. I refer to classic cars, those petrol-guzzling hogs that often roam the roads that should not be tax-free but should be charged at least the same tax as their modern equivalents. Most classic car owners can well afford this. It is simply not democratically right for financially-struggling current modern-car owners who cannot afford the latest tax-free models to pay such high taxes on their cars while petrol-swilling classic car owners pay nothing.

Its all wrong. u use the road and wear it out therefor every vehicle should have road tax. The government should heavily tax car companies rather than hitting the people that need to use a vehicle.

You do have to pick the exact model which amazingly seems to attract a higher price tag - no doubt it's the extra gizmos that make it more environmentaly friendly that add to the cost .... There are some small economy cars that attract a low road tax worth a thorough check before you buy.

Pre-1973 built cars also qualify for free road tax!!!

good for those who can have small city cars.but what about those who have big family,buy tandom?

can any car in the same range meaning renault cleo be eligible