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Fuel Increases will go ahead

The chancellor refused to axe the fuel increase scheduled for August 1st

The chancellor refused to axe the fuel increase scheduled for August 1st. The 3.02p increase will go ahead despite much lobbying by business and consumers. Average UK fuel prices are currently at a record 139.95p per litre of unleaded petrol and 146.54p per litre of diesel.

In the run-up to the budget, various motoring groups had campaigned for a further duty cut arguing that record high petrol prices were having a disastrous effect on individual household budgets and the economy as a whole.

Since March 2010, the price of petrol has risen 23.24p a litre or almost 20%. For a family with two petrol cars, the monthly fuel bill has risen £50 over the last 24 months.

AA president Edmund King described the chancellor's lack of action as a "budget blow-out" that will force drivers off the road. "We have heard much about tax allowances but the increase in fuel duty makes no allowance for car-dependent, rural and disabled drivers. Only last week the prime minister told American students that UK fuel prices would make them "faint", yet the government seems intent on inflicting more pain for no gain on drivers. Ironically, such a hike in duty doesn't necessarily help government finances as people will cut spending at the pumps and in shops, and it could fuel inflation," he said.


I have lost all confidence in this or any oter Goverment Leaders, they just seem to be lining their own pockets with money from the public especially us OAP's my question is why do Goverment Officials need big gas guzzling cars when a small run about would do, my statement is PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH, we have got to tighten our belts is the Goverment doing the same ?? NO, their pensions are safe too paid for by us the public.

It's way past any sensible debate or comment, some form of action is needed, like we put in the petrol workout the pre-increase price and hand that over at the kiosk, refuse to pay any more, in fact give ourselves a 20% discount, when the police arrive, well if everyone does it what the hell can they do. We simply say no we're not having this You do as you're told and lower the prices or you're sacked, remember YOU answer to US. Ultimately all these poverty causing measures will lead to Anarchy along with a multi tiered class system again!!! Another thing when a politician is asked a question and as is the norm becomes evasive, the questioner should simply punch him in the face and yell ANSWER!! Yes I an angry in fact raging, bring back the convoys.

I think its about time that the the british people stood up and be counted.The petrol prices are crippling the working man but we do nothing about it.People forget what thatcher did and then they vote them back in.Its the same old chestnut richer get richer. Other country's would'nt stand for it,why should we.

I blame the car manufacturers for making car's more fuel efficient, make them eco friendly, but build the engines so that they give you less mileage per gallon, then see how many people will start to share cars, walk or find other means to travel!

Absolutely ridiculous of this Government to up fuel prices when this causes everything to go up as a result. Where are their brains? The people of this country are supposed to be represented by the MPs but instead they ignore the hard working man who pays taxes all his working life, just to give every benefit they can to those who do not deserve it. Get a grip Mr Cameron or there may not be a Mr Cameron around after the next election.

Whilst admitting present UK Tory Government has inherited a huge deficit which has to be corrected I think its time the Publoic 'reined in' the entire Political Set. And your readers might be interested in finding out more about our Politician's wasteful & other unacceptable behaviour plus how to correct matters by simple use of the ballot box by reading 'International Political & Environmental Folly' avilable from USA Publisher 'Rosedog's Bookstore'. D > C Tissington D C Tissington

@James Barr - Why a discount for just Motability Users? Have you not considered that those who are able to work and do work are paying their taxes into the goverment which funds the scheme? The discount should be to those that need to commute to work to continue paying their taxes. Fuel duty is the #1 factor crippling the UK economy. As fuel prices increase everyone is hit hard. The average worker's wages stay the same but the cost to commute goes up - leaving them out of pocket. Businesses have their costs increasing due to fuel, and as a result put their prices up to maintain their margins. This forces the supermarkets to up their prices too. This hits the consumer hard. What this means is, we spend more on fuel & shopping and wages either stay the same or in many cases reduce. This puts inflation up, and puts us deeper into recession. Fuel should be discounted, not taxed. Put the tax onto other things like alcohol or cigarettes and reduce the fuel duty.

Here in Australia we complain as fuel prices have risen to 91p/gallon average. The solution is for our governments to cut wasteful spending. How much could be saved if the wars were ended. Those same wars bring us nothing but an increase in enemies resulting in more volatile oil supplies and price. Our governments choice of friends in the ME only multiplies our costs. The governments job is to represent the best interest of Britons not foreign interests,Higher fuel prices means higher cost for EVERYTHGING that requires transportation.

the should have used all spare monies to reduce fuel tax as this is cripling the country, history has proven time and again that the people revolt on things of this nature, do we need parliament , when all they do is act against the wishes of the people. our economy will recover quicker with out mps and their expenses and corruptions.

Here's one for you, the Government supports the Mobility Scheme for disabled drivers who have difficulty getting around, now with all these price increases for fuel making it harder for those people who have mobility cars to get around, shame on you Mr Cameron. Perhaps a discount scheme for people with Mobility cars whould be a great help for those who really need the help getting around.

The government missed a great opportunity to do some good in the budget. They should of stopped the increase. The increase affects us all. The people in secluded areas and those that need their cars for the sick and needy need them. It is slowly but surely eroding peoples lives forever. It is very sad that this government is determined to cut the deficit at all costs and not doing this more slowly. It is turning people against the tories for ever. Some people for good reason will never forgive them. I am in a fortunate position to be able to afford a car and the fuel increase. I have a diesel car and think carefully about what I spend from time to time. A lot of people do not have that luxury. In rural areas people do not have a choice to not have a car or simple now cannot afford it. Old peoples lives just end because we only think of ourselves. We are all too busy to gey to know people. It's all very sad. I am a tory but sometimes I think politics is very futile and can see why some are not interested or rise against it. I'll end now and get off my soap box...!

i am a pensioner 70 years old and i have to still go out to work 2 days a week to make ends meet and i am taxed on my pension as well as what i earn, but with this increase i may not be able to afford to do this so yet again this is more tax they will lose I AM SICK OF THIS GOVERMENT STEALING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FROM PENTIONERS AND HARD WORKING PEOPLE OUT NOW IS MY MESSAGE TO CAMERON

Come on, get real. You can't totally blame the government. Yes the taxation is high, but it's not just in the UK,it's worldwide. Or perhaps you want to blame the Tories for everything that's happening in the world?

We should stop to go into any petrol station for at least 2 days,just to show how much money they will loose if they increase petrol price.But everythink should be organise in each town,no petrol for minimum 2 days.

This goverment is a shambles they have not got a clue whats going on just as long as they have money in thier pockets and food on their tables its ok. I unemployed at the moment and i having to turn good jobs down because they are outside of the city i live simply cuz iv not got the money to fuel and tax my car to get there. i say everyone should just leave all cars parked up for 1 day and let the country come to a stand still see how much they lose out on

Cut the taxes on fuel will reduce It's prices.

the poeple in goverment dont care about the price of fule as they dont pay for it we pay for it for them as they claim exspences for fule so the tax payer pays for there fule

Personally, I think it's an ongoing conspiracy to get older vehicles off the road and force us to buy so-called "leaner & greener" new vehicles. Well, to many of us in these difficult times, a brand new car is not so high on the list of priorities; also many of these hybrids & electric vehicles are like the healthier "organic" alternatives in the supermarkets; ie generally a lot dearer!Plus, don't you find it strangely odd, that after decades of producing thirsty combustion engines, the motor manufacturers have only recently been able to come up with far more economical fossil fuel burners than ever before? Yet the principle, of the engine under most of our bonnets is still basically the same as it was 100 years ago! Perhaps the only solution to rising pump prices is for us all to walk or cycle everywhere for a month? Nothing far short of that will get through to Mr. Osborne methinks.

I'm happy if it were £10 per litre it would keep the majority of time wasting motorists off the bloody roads. The roads are so congested and in an appalling state, I'd like to know where the fuck all the money is going. Hopefully this government won't in at the next election.

We can look forward to our country progressing to poverty.. In the end, it will be that consumers cannot afford whatever, which means the men in suits, will have caused our country to run dry!. No matter what we vote for, it makes no difference at all, they have the last word.

its time for protest a give it back campain,fule is ket high in the uk on the premis it helps the envornment,why then do countrys like the u.s.a can still only pay less than $2 a gallon, yes a gallon not ltrs drop one of the taxes on fule the real price is only about £0.75p per ltr also why dose LPG go up at the same time its now at £0.75 so if you converted your car it now seems a wast of time we cant all go electric till they come down in price,even then whay will the goverment do then if we all went electric,think of the billoins of lost revenue

If you check the price of a litre of standard unleaded, as it lands at the loading quay at Fawley Refinery (they don't produce petrol at Fawley, they just handle it) You will find that it is priced at less than 40p. By the time it gets to the pump it is £1.40+++. We are being taken for a ride by speculators and politicians alike. When we bought petrol in GALLLONS (remember those?) the chancellor increased the tax by pence per gallon, whereas now it is nearly 5 times as much, because they add the same amount per litre (4.56 x 3p = 13.68 pence per gallon)On top of this we will pay another 2.73 in VAT. So, when are the British public going to stop whipping up apathy and stop these billionair politicians and speculators from extracting the urine????

The chancellor refused to axe the fuel increase scheduled for August 1st. The 3.02p increase will go ahead despite much lobbying by business and consumers. Average UK fuel prices are currently at a record 139.95p per litre of unleaded petrol and 146.54p per litre of diesel. That's town prices what about the rural village pump..this country will soon be on it's knees and the Government still won't be happy..

It's absolute idiocy. They are relying on the fact that good honest hard working people, that have to use cars, will continue to do so. I need a car to constantly dash from work to house to my disabled father, but it's getting to the point where I am skipping meals to pay the rising costs.

Transport companies are being crippled by these prices and are having to pass on the costs to the consumer.THIS IS IDIOCY.

I want to see what happens when it hits £2.00 per litre. Anarchy? Riots? More people not paying insurance (is it time to get into the car crushing business?). At least the well off among us have had a reduction in tax to help ease the pain eh....

On his head be it!