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Fuel Price Drops below £1 per Litre

Help us locate UK’s lowest and highest pump prices today asks you to help us find Britain’s lowest priced litre of unleaded and diesel.

One forecourt has already dropped its prices below the magical £1 per litre mark, prompting motorists to flock to The Harvest filling station in Birmingham, where unleaded petrol was reportedly being sold at 99.7p per litre.

A glut of crude oil production coupled with competition among supermarkets has prompted falling pump prices.

However, experts report that motorists across the country are still paying wildly varying amounts for their fuel.

Average UK price for fuel

UK Petrol Prices for Monday 12th January 2015
Super Unleaded119.74p107.9p149.9p
Premium Diesel128.56p117.9p159.9p

According to the website, the average UK price for a litre of unleaded as of Monday, 12 January was 108.91p

At the time, their research showed the minimum price for a litre of unleaded to be 99.7p and the maximum price to be 129.9p.

The average price of diesel is 116.11p, with the lowest price per litre being paid 109.7p and the highest price 134.9p.

Following price cuts from January 1, the average price for supermarket fuel is now 114.2p per litre of unleaded petrol.

According to research by the AA for December 2014, East Anglia recorded the highest price for unleaded at 117.1p per litre of unleaded.

The South West recorded the lowest price for unleaded at 116.1p per litre, while Scotland recorded the highest diesel price at 122.7p per litre and Northern Ireland had the cheapest diesel at 121.8p per litre.


*Have you found Britain’s cheapest fuel? Let us know what you’re paying and where, or whether you feel you’re being ripped off.


Make the most of it while you can, as it's bound to go up again soon!

Hi in Costa Blanca I have just paid 97 euros per litre helps me as a pensioner trying to run a motor home

I run a small business and any reduction in cost of fuel whilst always welcome is to be taken with caution as the oil giants have had it so good for so long and they will not give their profits up without a fight.Allot of back door underhandedness goes on between government and the oil giants and we the consumer always get mugged every time.

Edwin, its cheaper in France because the French stand up for themselves. Supine 'for lock tugging' Brits do not!

I am paying 112.9 for a litre of diesel and 105.9 per litre of unleaded as I run 2 cars as me and my partner work differing hours and in different areas. But isn't it time that the .9 or .7 of a penny was dropped and therefore pay an easily calculable round number. I can also remember when I was younger we used to pay what we are paying now for a GALLON of fuel and NOT just a LITRE! How times have changed, but the Governments policies on ripping off the motorist haven't.

The last Tim oil was this price per barrel the cost per litre was around 83p. Why are we so happy it's potentially dropping below a pound. Added to this the wildly varying cost across companies and outlets indicate the motorist is yet again being royally ripped off once more. After all if the price per barrel goes up a speedy increase at the pump is seen. Not so when it goes down.

Filled up at at our Asda automatic pump last week at £112.7pence per litre of diesel think that not bad!

BEWARE THE GOVERMENT In the next few days, the treasury will be bailing out the oil multinationals working in UK waters by handing back some of the 12% hike in taxes it raised a few years ago by Brown without any notice. (2% already handed back) Guess where this money will come from? An enormous increase in fuel duty for the motorist. The government will say with lower crude prices, the average motorist can afford it (From 75% up to 120%?. In a few months time when the price of crude returns to 130$ a barrel, the motorist will still be paying the increased level of fuel duty (after the next election). THIS MOVE MUST BE RESISTED AT ALL COSTS!!!

Why in France is diesel cheaper than petrol

The oil speculators will now be buying cheap oil which will be held in moored oil tankers until they can force up the price of oil. It will be a shock when oil starts to shoot up again as it must in order for the government to collect tax to run our country and build a HS2 white elephant which most working people won't be able to afford to travel on.

Please note price of diesel at Sainsbury Bangor Northern Ireland has been 110.9 for a few days now. I therefore wonder how reliable your information actually is.

104.9p in Tesco, Baguley near me - that 96p a litre with my clubcard discount! Ecstatic.

103.9pence per litre in Sainsburys Salford! We're getting there!