posted 3 years ago

Fuel Rebate in Rural Areas

Rural areas of mainland Britain will benefit from fuel discounts similar to those that exist on remote islands surrounding.

Rural Rebate is extended

The most remote areas on the mainland will now benefit from the same fuel rebate that drivers on remote islands have claimed off their petrol and diesel since 2012. Following EU approval, the rural fuel rebate is now extended to the 125,000 motorists who reside in parts of Northumberland, Cumbria, Devon, North Yorkshire, the Highlands, Argyll and Bute.

Start paying less for fuel

Cars are more of a necessity in rural areas so the 5p rebate per litre discount will benefit the motorists travelling to work, community drivers, the school run families and others that drive locally in their community.  Plus when the bad weather arrives fuel stations will still be there allowing the communities to keep moving.

What about the rest of the country?

It maybe good news for tens of thousands of drivers living in the farthest reaches of the UK, but they are not on their own worrying about fuel prices, what about the rest of the country's 37 million drivers? Oil prices have rebounded 50% since the lows at the beginning of the year and pump prices are up nine or ten pence over the same period. Motorists will be hoping that the emergency budget in July will bring a freeze on fuel duty. Diesel is currently on average 120.84p per litre and petrol is 116.66p.