posted 8 years ago

Fuel Saving Tips

With another increase in fuel prices due in April, fuel saving tips is now something to be considered

With another increase in fuel prices due in April, fuel saving tips is now something to be considered. One of the best ways to save on the gas is to simply reduce your speed. When speed increases fuel economy decreases, your journey may take longer but more importantly the fuel will last longer. Accelerate with care as jack-rabbit starts are an obvious fuel waster, if you accelerate with speed then have to brake straight away that is wasted fuel. A constant speed aids economy as it takes much more fuel to get a vehicle moving than it does to keep it moving.

It is advisable to check your air filter as a dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine which harms economy and performance. Keeping the air conditioning off is another plus but if you are travelling at a high speed with the windows open it may be more efficient to keep the air con on as the wind resistance at a high speed will use up more fuel. The more weight in the car the more fuel it burns so another tip is to not to lug around a lot of gear. Even tyre choice can save fuel; special energy-saving tyres are proving increasingly popular. Michelin claim their Energy tyre is some 20 per cent freer rolling over a conventional design and can save up to six per cent in fuel use over 12,000 miles, equating to approximately £70 a year in the pocket. Even if your tyres are in good order, under-inflation will create more drag and sap fuel. Don't over-inflate, but you can run them at their highest recommended pressures.

There is the option of converting your car to run on gas. LPG can reduce fuel bills by half, however it is expensive to install and the gas tank does use a lot of boot space. If a lot of mileage is covered it maybe something to consider.