posted 6 years ago

Funny Car Insurance Claims

Prepare to fall about laughing at some funny car insurance claims.

Prepare to fall about laughing at some funny car insurance claims. Autoglass, you see, has revealed its top ten most bizarre calls from British motorists. And what a remarkable list. Who would have thought that one of the world's most popular singer's CDs, a kid's sweet, and a smell would play their parts in windscreen claims? Hold tight, here is the list:

- Suicidal duck – a marauding mallard flew clean through the windscreen of one woman.

- Blast it – a motorist accidentally fired his shotgun inside his vehicle.

- Unpleasant pheasant – an “evil” bird hovered above a car before swooping for the kill.

- SuBo strikes – a driver needed assistance after reporting he had cracked his windscreen using a Susan Boyle CD to scrape away ice.

- Golf balls – a customer parked his car in front of the tee-off at a golf course.

- Smells wrong – a rattling windscreen was actually an air freshener hitting the glass.

- Open sunroof – a leaky windscreen was blamed for a soaked interior when the sunroof had been left open.

- Wrong car – a motorist called out an Autoglass technician for a repair only to realise it’s for somebody else’s car.

- Is it a chip? - a customer called to arrange a chip repair but during the call realised her son had stuck a sweet to the inside of the screen.

- Snow joke – a snowball shattered a side window.

re Golf balls. Actually this DID happen to me, many moons ago, in the Philippines - I forget the name of the golf course, but one of it's car parks was immediately below the tee-off on a hole that started (very) high and finished low (the green). A very poor drive by somebody (no names, no pack drill) and hey presto!

My car slid off ny drive in the snow, rigt into garden opposite and demolished their Xmas tree. They were not best pleased. . Lucky nobody was hurt but was very funny when neighboutr knockd on the door to tell me that my car was in his garden

Oh come on the Subo one made me chuckle

Its a bit scary that these people are driving? Was not specially funny.

where's the laugh?

Good. Let's have more of the same. Everyone enjoys a laugh.