posted 4 years ago

Get the best deal on servicing

How shopping around can save you hundreds of pounds

Drivers could save themselves a staggering £130 by shopping around when the time comes to get their car serviced, research for suggests.

However, our research highlights the fact that price is not the only consideration when selecting a garage.

We surveyed the market looking for a full service.

Car Dealership

Each dealership charges a different price which will vary greatly depending on the model and size of the car.

A quick search shows a service at Ford costs £195 and one at Hyundai starts at £199.

Despite the higher cost, you will know that your car has been serviced in line with the manufacturer’s advice using specified parts.

Some dealerships will also offer to pick your car up from your place of work and bring it back at the end of the day, meaning you won’t have to struggle without it for a day.

Also, when you buy a new car, a service plan is sometimes included at an additional cosy

This means paying a certain amount each month towards it so that when it is time for a service it doesn’t cost you anything.

This option could be helpful if you struggle to save towards servicing costs.


Halfords charge £149 for an annual service. The work they do during the service is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, giving the driver full peace of mind.

Halfords allows people to book online and select a convenient appointment.

Although Halfords use quality parts, there is no guarantee they will use brand specific parts and this could void your warranty, so it’s best to check first.

Kwik Fit

A full service at Kwik Fit ranges from £139.95 to £199.95 depending on the size of the car’s engine.

The small print does say that the cost depends on the recommended oil for the vehicle, meaning the cost of servicing a car which requires synthetic or specialist oils will be higher.

Kwik Fit offers a manufacturer service which complies with the warranty of the car, but charges extra for it.

Although you can book the normal service online, people interested in booking the manufacturer service will need to contact their local branch for a quote.

Local Garage

A quick search online revealed an independent local garage charging only £69 for a service.

Local garages like this are great if the car you have is older and not in warranty as you save a lot of money, but for newer cars, going to garages like this could invalidate your warranty and you could end up spending more in the future if anything goes wrong.