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Get Up To £5,000 Off Your New SUV In the 2018 Scrappage Scheme

The 10 biggest scrappage discounts on big cars

2 things that are incredibly popular in the motoring world at the moment: Scrappage schemes and SUVs. Firstly, scrappage deals - almost every manufacturer is offering generous discounts on new cars when consumers trade in their old cars. Secondly, SUVs. This segment of vehicles has grown exponentially over recent years, so we thought we’d tie these things together. If you’re looking for an SUV, here are the 10 models you can get the biggest discounts on when trading in a qualifying vehicle. Scrappage schemes are ending at the end of this month, so don't wait too long...

Dacia Duster 

The Duster is already one of, if not the, most affordable SUV on the market right now. The Access model starts at just £9,495 and to be honest, there’s not much on the market that can rival this much metal for your money. What’s even better is Dacia are knocking a further £1,500 off the list price of the Laureate dCi 4x2 and £2,000 of the Laureate 4x4 models when you trade in a qualifying vehicle.

Renault Koleos

It’s not been on the market for too long but Renault are already knocking a further £2,000 off the price of the Koleos in their upgrade event. The car only hit the roads in the second half of 2017, but it’s selling well and Renault are happy to offer some really healthy discounts when you trade in your older vehicle. The car starts from £28,000 but do remember this is a large SUV, and if it’s too big for you then also consider their Captur and Kadjar models.

Nissan X-Trail 

Nissan have branded their discount scheme as the ‘Switch Scheme’, where they’ve offered discounts on a number of cars in the Nissan range. The largest of which (both largest car and largest discount) is the Nissan X-Trail. This is a brand new model which was only released in the last 6 months and comes loaded with improved technology and premium materials. If you look at the N-Connecta, or Tekna models then you will get a healthy £2,000 knocked of the list price. The X-Trail starts from £23,385.

Peugeot 3008


We’re confident you’ll have seen plenty of these on the roads since they were launched as they’ve been selling like hotcakes. The 3008 really thrusts Peugeot right to the top of the pecking order in the SUV market thanks to a vast redesign of both the exterior and interior. This really is an SUV like none other on the market and the unique styling helps set it apart from the competition. Their most popular models do tend to be diesels, so you can get £2,500 off if you pick one of those, or if you would prefer a petrol then you still get a £2,000 discount. The 3008 starts from £22,765.

Toyota RAV4


The Toyota Rav4 has always sold well on our shores and it comes as no surprise that Toyota are able to offer a massive £3,500 off the list price of both the Rav4 and the Rav4 Hybrid. The petrol powered model typically starts from £27,450 and the hybrid at £29,005. You can knock those down to £23,950 and £25,005 respectively. Quite substantial savings on one of this country's most loved SUVs.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace


The Tiguan Allspace is a brand new model that positions itself in the VW SUV lineup in between the regular Tiguan and the full-fat Touareg. The Allspace is perfect for growing families as it has seats for 7 people but doesn’t demand as high a price tag as most 7 seaters, with the starting price at £29,370, even though it still offers the premium feel and drive that VW are famous for. Their discount of £4,000 takes this big SUV down to £25,370… very generous.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander has been a roaring success since this latest model was first launch. It only took a matter of months before the Outlander PHEV became the best-selling plug-in electric car in the country while battling against significantly smaller and cheaper cars like the Nissan Leaf. It is only down to this continued success that Mitsubishi are able to offer a huge £5,000 off the diesel model or even greater £6,500 off the PHEV model (the latter when combined with the plug-in grant.) The diesel models price is reduced from £25,355 to just £20,355 and the hybrid model goes from £32,305 to just £25,805.

Ford Kuga



We’ve been exceptionally fond of the Kuga since we attended the launch of the facelifted model early last year. Typically the car starts from £22,595, but there are a variety of discounts depending on which model you fancy and whether you’d like a petrol or a diesel. The biggest discount of £4,850 is available on the diesels at the top of the range in Zetec, Titanium, Titanium X and Vignale trims. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a sportier Kuga, then the petrol ST-Line and ST-Line X get a nice £3,850 off.

Audi Q3 & Q5


Certainly, the most prestigious, premium and luxurious SUVs in this list are the Q3 and Q5 from Audi. They need no introduction here. Both offer compelling alternatives to their BMW and Mercedes rivals while superseding their German counterparts in terms of comfort, styling, and now discounts. Currently, Audi are offering a huge £4,000 discount off both the Q3 and Q5 when you trade in a qualifying vehicle. This prices the Audi Q3 at just £23,910 - which is roughly the same as a mid-range Nissan Qashqai, and the Audi Q5 at £34,760 - which is £5,000 less than the starting price of the BMW X4.

Hyundai Santa-Fe


And last but not least, in fact, the complete opposite of least, the Hyundai Santa Fe. The biggest discount available on an SUV comes from the Koreans who are offering a massive £5,000 off the price of a Hyundai Santa Fe. This lowers the price from £32,845 to £27,845, undercutting most of the 7-seater market. If you’re searching for a big 7-seat SUV then this is definitely one worth taking for a test drive.

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