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Get Up To £8,000 Off Your New Car As the 2018 Scrappage Scheme Continues

Scrappage deals continue in 2018 and we’ve got the biggest discounts lined up for you…

Scrappage deals were launched last September in an effort to get older, dirtier cars off the roads, but the schemes have been so successful that a number of manufacturers have carried them into the new year, re-named their schemes and even increased their discounts. So, now is a very good time to get the most money off your next car by swapping in your older, more polluting model and today we’re listing the biggest discounts available on the market, in ascending order. As you read through this list the savings will just get bigger and bigger… 

Renault Koleos

First up is actually one of the newest models on this list. The Renault Koleos only hit the roads on the tail-end of 2017, but Renault are already offering a healthy £2,000 off if you trade in a qualifying vehicle as part of their Upgrade Event. The Koleos is a large SUV, but if it’s too big for what you’re after, the small Captur and Kadjar are also included in this offer albeit with lesser savings.

Seat Leon

The Leon is a top-selling hatchback which has been through a facelift recently and right now you can get a £3,500 discount off the 3-door hatchback, the 5-door hatchback, the estate and even the hot-headed Cupra models! For a car that starts around the £18,000 mark, you’re saving a healthy chunk of the value with a discount like that…

Volkswagen Golf

This one is going to be popular… The new Golf mark 7.5 is available with a big saving of £4,000 when you trade in an older diesel, whatever the make, as long as it is registered before December the 31st 2009. The mk7.5 went on sale early last year and was actually cheaper like-for-like than the model it replaced, even though it featured loads of new safety kit, technology kit and prettier styling. We fancy this as potentially the most popular discount in this list.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV & Outlander diesel

We’re hitting big numbers now… Mitsubishi are going all out on their offers in an effort to get as many buyers into the seats of the Outlander models. There is currently a £4,000 scrappage discount available. This won’t last forever, but we’d encourage anyone interested to get down to the dealer and give the Outlander PHEV a drive. The hybrid technology works seamlessly and offers impressive economy figures for a big SUV and you can benefit from the plug-in car grant when buying the PHEV, which takes the discount to £6,500!

Ford Focus

Naturally, Ford were never going to miss the boat as all of their competitors offer discounts, and this one might rival the Golf offer in terms of popularity… Right now Ford are offering £4,950 off the new Focus when customers trade in a qualifying vehicle. This offer is only available on the Titanium and Titanium X models, which are top of the range, although £4,450 discount is available on Style, Zetec, Zetec Edition, ST-Line (incl. Colour Editions), ST-Line X models too… 

Mazda3 & Mazda6

Mazda are joining the party. The Mazda3 hatchback and Mazda6 saloon are both getting £5k knocked off their price tags when you trade in a qualifying vehicle for a Mazda 3 or 6 which features their new SKYACTIV-D Diesel engines. There are lesser discounts available if you want a petrol-powered replacement for your car, but the biggest savings are on their newer, cleaner diesel models. Act quick, the new car has to be registered by the 31st March 2018 to qualify for the saving!

Volkswagen Passat

Now we’re really playing with the big numbers. One of the most potent offers from Volkswagen is having £5,000 knocked off a new Passat when you trade in a qualifying car or, even better, look at the Passat GTE model. With the GTE you’ll get £6,000 knocked off in the scrappage scheme, and a further £2,500 subsidised by the plug-in car grant - for a total of £8,500 off!

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is up there as one of the leading executive saloons on the market. The new model features a range of fast, frugal and cleaner diesels as well as a load of new Audi technology, including their famous digital dashboard which blends all the information the driver needs into one, highly responsive screen. The saving is what we’re all here for though and you can now get £7,000 off in their scrappage deal. Considering the car starts from £33,000 - you only have to pay £26,000 for the entry model… not bad at all.

Audi A7

Another entrant from Audi, albeit a completely different model. While the A6 attacks the executive saloon model, the A7 turns it up a notch in terms of size, luxury and prestige. Oh, and price. The A7 starts at almost £15,000 more than the A4, which goes to show just how much better equipped it is, but that increase is dampened by the huge £7,000 scrappage saving which takes the price of the A7 to £41,000. Not that bad considering the A7 is a popular choice for footballers, celebrities and business owners alike...

Audi Q7 e-tron

And finally, the biggest saving of them all, again comes from Audi who have had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finish in this list! Top spot goes for the huge £8,000 discount offered against the Audi Q7 e-tron. The Q7 e-tron starts from £67,560 but you can get that greatly reduced when you trade in your older vehicle. What is the Q7 e-tron? It’s a quieter, more comfortable plug-in version of the Q7 which usually costs about £10,000 more than the diesel… Now that gap is just £2,000.

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