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Goodyear Tests Self-Inflating Tyre

Air Maintenance Technology is being trialled on trucks

Goodyear is testing a system that automatically inflates tyres while a vehicle is moving.

All Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) components are stored within the tyre.

The required pressure – based on the vehicle and its predicted use – is programmed during installation.

The system incorporates a regulator that monitors pressure.

Once it senses loss, it opens to allow air into a tube.

As the tyre rolls, its deformation flattens the tube which pushes air towards the inlet valve.

Pressure in the cavity between the wheel and tyre then rises.

Benefits Of Correct Tyre Pressure

Self-inflating tyres could lead to potential safety and financial benefits.

Correct pressure ensures that a vehicle brakes, corners and steers efficiently, while minimising fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Correctly inflated tyres also tend to significantly outlast under, or over inflated, counterparts. 

They could also save a motorist countless hours or manual pressure checking throughout a lifetime. 

Real World Testing

Air Maintenance Technology can be fitted to cars but is currently being tested on large trucks in the United States and Canada, over a period of 18 months. 

Goodyear Chief Technical Officer, Joseph Zekoski, said: “This is an important milestone in the development of AMT for the commercial trucking marketplace.

“Tyres equipped with AMT have performed well in testing, and we are pleased that so many of our fleet customers were eager to collaborate with us in the next phase of testing.” 


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