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Government Encourages Councils To Remove Yellow Lines

England's Local Councils Encouraged To Clean-Up Streets

The Department for Transport is encouraging councils to “rid the streets of clutter” by minimising the use of yellow lines. Why? Because some people claim that they look unsightly, particularly on narrow streets where the lines on opposing sides sit close together. Furthermore, some look uneven on traditional cobbled streets. Yellow lines can be replaced with restricted parking zone signs that are less intrusive (arguably). However, it could be claimed that these are harder to see than lines - particularly on dark/wet nights. This could increase the number of people that accidentally park in restricted zones. Despite this, several councils throughout the country now favour signs where practical. These include: Cheshire East Council, Cornwall, Slough, Warwickshire and Suffolk and Nottingham. Norman Baker – a Local Transport Minister and Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Lewes – now wants other authorities to follow suit.

Transport Minister Discusses Yellow Lines

Mr Baker said: “No one wants to see unnecessary yellow lines blotting our towns and villages when there is an alternative. They are a clear eyesore that can be intrusive and can have a huge impact on the look and feel of our streets, particularly in historic town centres or conservation areas.” The Transport Minister continued: “I encourage local authorities to think about the use of restricted parking zones. They can be used to improve the visual impact of the street while providing clear information to motorists.”

Proposal To Allow Motorists To Park On Double-Yellow Lines

Furthermore, the Government is considering allowing motorists to park on any remaining double-yellow lines in an effort to boost high street sales. This proposal – which comes from the Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles – would create a fifteen minute “grace period” for people to park close to shops without charge. Short overstays in traditional parking spaces might be overlooked too. These changes could attract the type of motorist that is currently put-off by inconvenient and expensive parking, plus the threat of inflexible traffic wardens. However, this Conservative Party proposal – or so The Telegraph has reported – is not popular with some Liberal Democrats that claim it is “unworkable”. So, political horseplay within the coalition might be required if it is to become law. The initiative might therefore be accompanied by considerably higher fines for dangerous and illegal parking. These are currently limited to seventy pounds outside the capital city and to one-hundred and thirty pounds within.


parking in a dangerous areas sausing an obstruction or danger should be penalised severely £200+ fine keep the lines in these areas only and restrict parking elsewhere to max of two hours alternative have FREE PARKING and stop NCP ETC making excessive profits especially at hospitals and railway stations etc. lenny K.

I live about 15 minutes walk from Coventry town centre when I do walk into town its only to look around and buy a drink the reason being town shops are I'm sorry to say are expensive as opposed to the I/net and other retail sites removing parking restrictions will make little difference to the shops councils need to cut rents and business rates to make the shops more competitive.

Peter Evans has a valid point but perhaps a kerb yellow line similar to loading markings at the point of signage would warn of restriction w

I live in town with free parking and yellows. I find that most people respect the yellows even though the car parks are usually full most of the day. Removing the yellows and replacing them with warning signs will just not work in our restrictive narrow streets. Why is it when something is working and running well everyone has the maniacal desire to change it all? If it ain't broke don't mend it!

Councils have a complete monopoly on parking. yellow lines means having to park in expensive car parks. They drive an extra charge (tax) on visiting the shops. I won't go to shopping centres unless I have to - internet postage is now less than parking charges!

stupid idea just a way to make more money as they know more people will park in the zones unaware, and yes wile trying to look around for some sign that you can't park you will not be paying attention to the road bigger risk of accidents. leave the lines its obvious to drivers you can't park there . how much money wasted to remove the lines as well stop being retarded with stupid ideas

Soon as you drive into a street with yellows, you know you cany park there..easy. So no lines? while craining you neck up through the windscreen at the signs (if they are visible in the first place) and bang! you've hit someone.

I see very little point with any of the restriction, nobody takes any notice anyway. Pointless because there isn't any enforcement on any of the road restrictions. It's almost lawless on the roads these days

As a lone dissenting voice: 1) what happened to localism?? Surely this is the govt interfering in local affairs it is up to local Councils how to run their towns Not a minority central govt. 2) people who think they should be allowed to park where they like but also complain because traffic is so bad and it takes forever to get through town. Usually because of the illegal parking on double yellows which stop traffic flow. And the parking 'killing off town centre' argument is selective: pedestrianised streets haven't killed off the centre - people like walking down car free roads, so lets have more please.

The Government, listening to the public; pull the other one they want a smooth passage to put Wind Turbines on every corner so something has to be eased, its automatons can fox the public into thinking that they are listening. Governments in the UK have done their worst we know how ruthless they can be so they can't pull the wool over our eyes anymore.

My local town (Mansfield) is already dead, thanks to parking restrictions. I never contemplate going there to shop. I can't see the council removing any restrictions now, eyesore or otherwise. Not unless it helps trap drivers into thinking that an area is OK for parking (no yellow lines) when in fact there are some obscure signs to allow the council to collect more fines.

They will never remove parking restrictions though, will they. Forget about killing local business, the councils make too much money from parking fees and fines.

What about disabled drivers? They are allowed to park on double-yellows so they can get access to the shops - but not if able-bodied people have used up all the spaces! They will have to walk 1/2 mile or the council will have to mark special bays (even more expense). All this 'no parking' stuff is what is driving people away from the town and into the outer supermarkets and killing local businesses (which means less rates for the council).

Parking in my town (Keighley W.Yorks) On street parking all one hour signs have been dropped to 30 minutes. Zero traffic wardens 18 months ago to three full time at present. No visable increase in traffic flow, due to people not parking on double yellows for extended periods. The amount of people who complain of being fined is beyond belief, they may be in the wrong but as the traders and shop keepers are saying, the 30 minute policy is killing trade. Well done town council, soon you'll have the place to yourselves. No punters no fines, no punters no business rates.

Olny Wigan council could ban motorists from their own town, pedestrianise, pedestrianise, then suddenly there were no pedestrians , this "ban" cost council tax payers hundreds of millions, they even built massive extensions to the local hospital with no parking spaces and sold all the extensive land available at the other hospital which had no extensions given them and parking would never be a problem,as for having no money they still found some to fit bicycle locking points to existing railings which again are never used. The local hospital with all its new extensions is now down for closure as its landlocked, socialists begger belief

How terribly frustrating this all is. OMG what is the world coming to when we complain abut something as insignificant as double yellow lines. How long will it be before we are forbiden to eat whilst walking, I mean come on, there are a huge array of far more important things that need to be dealt with, instead of spending tax payers money erecting signs and blocking the roads while someone removes the unsightly! lines on the road, consider spending the money on some more worthy cause. I certainly could name a dozen in a heart beat. Councils, government and those busy bodies amongst us do nothing but wste time and money on things of little or no importance whatsoever. SORT THIS OUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Aesthetically Pleasing But What About The Cost? Removal of yellow lines would improve the apearance of many streets. However, what about the cost of buying and erecting new signage, particularly in the light of cuts in central government payments to local government? My (Conservative controlled) local authority has increased council tax every year since the caoalition came to power and has now exhausted its cash reserves so is likely to increase it even more next year.

Why not have yellow lines where parking is allowed. The current system is typically British overkill and quite incomprehensible to foreign drivers. We might at the same time get rid of multiple traffic lights. I know several junctions where where six lights are needed for two lanes of traffic. I have always wondered how, in New York they manage with one light per lane.

until motorists get used to the lines not being there inevitably there are going to be be more fines incurred (bonus for the Councils). as for encouraging High St.sales - they should have more realistic times of stay eg 1 hour instead of 10 minutes which is no good to man nor beast! I recently got a fine on a Sunday in an empty car park after having worked 2 days as part of the towns centenary weekend where shopping & tourism was encouraged & on the Saturday you could park all day for £1.20 - Ive no idea why it wasnt extended to include the Sunday? It was afterall Centenary "weekend"?? Some Councils couldnt organise a P.up in a brewery!