posted 8 years ago

Great Value Nearly New Car Offers's database is a fantastic place to find great value nearly new cars.'s database is a fantastic place to find great value nearly new cars. To find these barely out the box bargains simply click 'cars for sale' on the homepage, select the 'new cars' tab, then choose your favourite make/model. You then need to select the 'nearly new' option towards the top of the screen.

Many virtually new vehicles have depreciated considerably since their original sale, registration as a demonstrator, or tactical registration to reach sales targets. For example, nearly new examples of the Ford Mondeo are listed in the database from only £12,000. These vehicles were registered in 2009/10 and had a list price of over £17,000. Clearly a considerable saving then, even if the original price was discounted during negotiations.

Now, whereas the Ford Mondeo is an exceptional car some motorists may prefer something more French. How about a nearly new Citroen C5 saloon? New list prices for this distinctive motorway mile muncher start at £19,000, but 2009 examples are available with 'buy safe' sellers from only £13,000. For this modest sum motorists benefit from plenty of interior space, a silky smooth ride, and a wide range of flexible engines.

A nearly new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class is another potential bargain. This achingly attractive two-door convertible has a list price of £30,755 - £39,670, but nearly new examples are listed in's database from only £27,000. This buys a 2009/10 model with merely 5,000 miles recorded on the stylish dashboard. Now is also a great time to buy a convertible as prices often fall in the winter. Can't think why though, it never rains in Britain.