posted 7 years ago

Great Value Sat-Navs For Holidaymakers

Picking the best sat-nav is tricky.

Picking the best sat-nav is tricky. After all, what defines 'best' totally depends on your needs. A taxi driver, for example, may want something that sings and dances - whereas occasional motorists might prefer a basic, easy to use, system. Whatever your preference, there are a few things to consider when splashing your cash on a computerised map.

The first is to pick a suitable screen size. Options include small, fairly square systems of 3.5”. The £60 RAC 2000 springs to mind. These compact units suit those who frequently use 'pedestrian mode', as they are easier to carry than larger machines. Alternatively, motorists who leave their sat-nav bolted to the windscreen might prefer a wide-screen 4.3” display. These are easier to read while driving and show considerably more information.

The Garmin 1390T is such a machine. It also has UK, ROI, and European mapping so it makes a fantastic holiday companion. This £150 beauty also helps motorists avoid bank holiday-type jams, as it recognises delays in advance and suggests routes that avoid the trouble. Comparable alternatives include the TomTom XL Live Plus and Mio Navman 579. All these sat-navs are versatile, intuitive, and work beautifully both at home and abroad.

Another feature to watch out for is (motorway) lane guidance. This does what it says on the tin, and shows which of the sometimes numerous lanes points to the destination. Very handy too. Text to speak is also a great idea as this says road names. For example, 'turn left to London Road' rather than simply 'turn left'. Some sat-navs also have calculators, unit converters, and picture viewers for added fun and convenience. Choices choices.