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Greedy Car Tax Dodgers Targeted by New DVLA Campaign

Selfish, inconsiderate, car tax dodgers targeted by region specific campaign that highlights the penalties if caught

Penalties for not having car tax

Car tax dodgers have been targeted in the areas there is most offending by a new, hard-hitting, and sobering campaign that emphasises the penalties, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency reveals. Its purpose is to ensure – as is reasonable – that motorists make a contribution towards maintaining the road network.

Drivers that consider themselves above the law face various sanctions. There is a fine, of course. They can also have their cars immobilised via bright, prominent, yellow clamps. Being clamped is inconvenient, embarrassing, and there is a release charge. Furthermore, vehicles can be impounded which incurs additional costs. Either way, the overdue tax still has to be paid.

Campaign message

 Greedy Car Tax Dodgers Targeted by New DVLA Campaign Image 1

At the core of the campaign is a picture of several cars parked outside a row or terrace houses. It is a familiar residential scene. Once such vehicle is not taxed, though. It is therefore virtually obscured by an oversized clamp. ‘We are clamping untaxed cars in your area’, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency confirms.

The campaign incorporates regional elements, too. London, for example, is where the largest number of people feel they have a right to offend. In 2018, 122,155 fell foul of the law. On this basis, a local radio message emphasises the consequences via a voice that resembles instructions from a sat-nav system. It states:

‘Head south east on Chapman Road where cameras caught 3 untaxed cars this week. Continue onto Rosebery Road where the DVLA clamped 2 untaxed cars yesterday. Continue towards Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This month 4 untaxed cars have been towed just ahead of you.’

This region specific theme is replicated elsewhere. In Northern Ireland, Birmingham and Manchester, for starters. The table below reveals the regions plus the number of offenders penalised in 2018.

 Greedy Car Tax Dodgers Targeted by New DVLA Campaign Image 0

No excuse

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency’s Head of Enforcement, Tim Burton, said: ‘This campaign has a clear message for anyone who flouts the law – tax it or lose it’. He added that it has ‘never been easier’ to tax a car. It can be done 24 hours a day online, for instance. There is ‘no excuse’ whatsoever, Mr Burton concludes.

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