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Has Your Car Had A Safety Recall?

Vehicle Recall Database Helps Protect Motorists

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency has a database of vehicle recalls and it is important to see if your pride and joy is on it.

Manufacturers monitor the performance of their products once they reach their customers. If the same fault consistently occurs – and it is a significant safety concern rather than a minor reliability gremlin – the company issues a nationwide recall. Owners then present their vehicles at branded dealerships where they are checked and, if necessary, modified. Customers do not have to pay.

Safety recalls are not reserved for poor quality machines, so virtually every manufacturer has to act at some point. This reflects the fact that modern vehicles are complicated and designers cannot anticipate every conceivable long term issue.

How To Check For Recalls

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency database incorporates cars, motorcycles, buses, etc. It can be searched online for free at:

The motorist can search by manufacturer and model. He/she can also select a time period that should be when the vehicle was built, not when it was registered. Play safe by choosing a time several months prior to registration and up to the present day. Then click search.

The following page shows any recalls each of which has a reference number. It highlights which models are included, the concern – e.g. the sunroof glass may shatter – VIN numbers and launch/build dates.

Manufacturer Recalls For January 2015

DVSA reference number Make and model Issue
R/2014/158 Honda: Civic & Jazz Driver’s airbag may rupture if deployed
R/2014/160 Toyota: Auris, Yaris, Urban Cruiser, IQ & Corolla Risk of fire
R/2014/162 Toyota: Yaris Driver’s airbag may rupture if deployed
R/2014/182 Mercedes-Benz: M Class, SLK, C Class, E-Class, CLS, S Class, CLA, GLA, A Class & B Class Oil may leak
R/2014/183 Mercedes-Benz: Sprinter Oil may leak
R/2014/184 Mercedes-Benz: New Vito, Viano, Vito & V-Class Oil may leak
R/2014/188 BMW: 2-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series & M3 Saloon Seat belt may malfunction
R/2014/190 BMW: i8 Fuel may leak
R/2015/010 Chevrolet: T300 Aveo Vehicle may move unintentionally when gears are engaged
R/2015/013 Land Rover: Range Rover 3.0L V6 S/C & 5.0L V8 S/C and Range Rover Sport 3.0L V6 S/C & 5.0L V8 S/C Possible loss of braking efficiency
R/2015/014 Land Rover: Range Rover Possible loss of braking efficiency
R/2015/015 Jaguar: XK Parking lights may not function as intended
RM/2014/046 Honda Motorcycles: CB650F Engine may stall

andrew cookson Commented: the battery cover has been removed and disposed of leaving the terminals bare and unprotected. Why don't you ask them if they forgot to put it back on? Anyway bare terminals only need a bit of petroleum jelly on them for protection.

I just got my Vauxhall astra back after a battery safety recall,to find the battery cover has been removed and disposed of leaving the terminals bare and unprotected it looks like half the engine is missing.very poor service upgrade,in fact im fuming as it looks broken and incomplete.wont be buying another Vauxhall at this rate.

Ok, same here. My car is on the list. So what do I do now?

I had my BMW 3 series in for the pass airbag recall last autumn. The dealer did a full documented safety check and issued a no cost invoice for the work done which I now keep with the vehicle documents, but it is also available via VIN or VRN from there computer system.

Can you find out if recalls have been completed, or is it just phone the dealer and hope they tell you the truth???