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Health Expert Wants To Ban Door-To-Door School Run

Professor Champions School Drop-Off Points

Parents should be banned from driving their children all the way to school as making them walk would tackle obesity, a health expert has claimed. Professor John Ashton – who was recently elected President of The UK's Faculty of Public Health – therefore told The Times that: “one of the things we should be doing is strictly prohibiting cars stopping outside school to drop kids off” - and that there could be “drop-off points” a few hundred yards away. This, however, would require expensive infrastructure changes. The Professor also said that encouraging kids to walk a quarter of a mile per-day from these drop-off points would “make a difference”. He also said that we are “used to this idea that our children are not going to be as well off as we have been but I don't think anybody has really expressed yet that they may not be as healthy either.” A lack of exercise and junk-food might ensure that. The Professor therefore said that these factors could cause a crisis that writes-off “a generation”. But whatever the benefits of walking there would be opposition from parents. The Telegraph therefore reported that the Chief Executive of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts, said: "I suspect there will be a mixed reaction to this because some people will find it quite hard to manage in practical terms." The proposal might also be resisted by those that loath the idea of a nanny state.

UK's Faculty of Public Health

The UK's Faculty of Public Health was established as a registered charity in the early seventies, and is a joint venture that incorporates three Royal Collages (London, Edinburgh and Glasgow). Its purpose – according to the mission statement – is to promote: “the advancement of knowledge in the field of public health and to develop public health with a view to maintaining the highest possible standards of professional competence and practice”. Among other things, the faculty therefore lobbies on health issues at a national and European level. It also plays a statutory role in the appointment of consultants, quality ensures the Higher Specialist Training Programme (and sets the exams), and produces a range of resources to tackle health issues such as obesity. Members come from a variety of backgrounds such as clinical, academic, policy and typically work in strategic and specialist roles. Partners include: The UK Departments of Health, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and the European Public Health Alliance.

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Does anybody know what Mat Bowden is talking about? Does Mat Bowden know what he's talking about? Cars and kids at school gates do not mix. Is that plain enough?


This is just a furphy. The whole thing is underpinned by school league tables. Ban those and this problem goes away. Aka look at the bottom of ANY! Financial product and it will clearly state that past performance is no guarantee of future performance/success. But oddly however, this seems to have no correlation to kids in school? The net effect is that parents rush to get their kids to grow up and have "the best possible" start to life. And who can blame them? Result, the find the best school on the commuter route to work and then you end up with bogus reports like this. The core issue is league tables for schools were kids should just be allowed to be kids and thus go to the "local" school and then this whole non issue can go back to being exactly that. A non issue.

Parents have to work too and dropping children at school is a practical necessity. One thing a 16 year old walking 20 mins in a well lit area with mates another a 5 year old. My son walks to school and the safe way adds another 15 mins to his journey - 40 mins there and 40 mins back. Plus shifting the drop off point only moves the parking problem. Would be less congestion if councils realised we live in 21st century and used cars. Put in decent parking in these areas and there won't be congestion. PLus what happened to sport in schools - in mine, they paid lip service to it and whilst the lesson is there in theory in junior schools that's what it is in practical terms a theory. This is another 'expert' wanting 15 mins of fame.

I work in schools all over the London Borough of Richmond. It never fails to amaze me how many parents think the yellow crossing zig-zags are some sort of personal drop-off zone, rather than something put there to protect those crossing the road at that point (i.e. those who've gotten off their arses and WALKED to school). At one school they even have the audacity to hold up the traffic on a busy bus route whilst they '99-point' turn the Cayenne in the road after dropping Griselda and Giles off.

Having worked in a school doing 'gate duty' and been a parent who collected their child from school I am astounded by the stupidity of some of the children and their parents: children being run over by their own parents, parents parking on other people's gardens to get closer to school, let alone drives and zigzag lines. It is impossible to stop people bringing their child to school by car - in many cases they live so far away. So what would make a difference? staggered start and finish times to help avoid the current chaos?Difficult with siblings and different schools, but then that is exactly the situation where children have to take more responsibility for their road safety and adults cannot be at two schools at the same time. Moving cars to a car park 400m away? I bet it'll be the teachers who gave to escort them there!!!!

About time too, too many unfit, obese kids getting dropped off right outside the schoolgates. To be picked up later at the same point and transported home to sit in front of the square box nanny in the corner playing games about sport. Both my kids walked a whole mile to school every day without any misfortune coming to them. 1 is now in the Army excelling in sport the other is a Mental Healthcare worker where she also has a physical job. Neither are fat, overweight slobs who just drive everywhere even though they both own cars. They are much healthier for having been made to walk to school come rain or shine.

Yes these should be band due to parents being lazy and poluting the air and driving without due care and attention in my days you walked to school and if you had mates or friends you all walked together including parents

Children should walk to school unless under exceptional circumstances like illness or weather. Despite zig-zag lines outside schools, parents still park on them and they know that there are no Police etc. to stop them. Another Government disgrace!!

We live near to a school some mums park across our drive and block it if we complain they get abusive ,they don't take care of any one else other kids could get knocked down ,they are just self cantered

There are lazy families near to me who live less than a quarter of a mile to school but still go in their cars - one of them is a teaching assistant at the school!