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HGV Speed Limit To Increase On Dual Carriageways

New HGV Speed Limit In England And Wales

The HGV dual carriageway speed limit will increase from 50mph to 60mph in England and Wales on April 6th 2015.

This follows recent confirmation that the limit for such vehicles on single carriageways will rise to 50mph in early 2015, rather than the current 40mph.

Improved Vehicle Technology

The change has partly been influenced by technological advances. 

Transport Minister Claire Perry said: “It is really important that speed limits for lorries reflect the needs of a modern transport network and improved vehicle technology.

“Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world and I am determined to ensure this continues.

“This change is about ensuring rules for lorry drivers’ speed limits are in line with other larger vehicles on our roads, creating a fairer and more proportionate system.”

Benefits Of Higher Speed Limit

Higher limits could have several benefits.

Firstly, reduced journey times could enable hauliers to make more deliveries. That could increase profits.

Increased revenue for hauliers could boost government coffers via extra income tax, value added tax, and duty. 

Secondly, enabling hauliers to travel at speeds more consistent with other vehicles could reduce the number of people tempted to overtake in dangerous places. 

New HGV Speed Limit Concerns Road Safety Charity

But Road Safety Charity Brake is concerned.

Deputy Chief Executive, Julie Townsend, said: “Increasing the HGV speed limit on single and dual carriageways sets a dangerous precedent, sending a message that if traffic laws are persistently flouted the government would rather change them than get tough with the law-breaking drivers putting everyone at risk.

“This decision runs against work to more effectively manage traffic speeds and reduce casualties and emissions on our roads.

“As with the decision to raise the HGV speed limit on single carriageways, the government is making a leap of faith in spite of the legitimate concerns of road safety groups.”


It won't make a lot of difference to running costs or journey times as by law goods vehicles are limited to 90km maximum. Considering most hgv drivers were already driving at that speed of dual carriage ways and majority of our work is motorway this has just been a long time coming.

If you go too fast into a bend in ANY vehicle you will not make it-drive within your and the vehicles limits .

Talk about afraid of snow and there`s none falling,i work for the largest fleet in uk and if you think they are going to get all the hgv`s limiters changed,i don`t think so. As for these car drivers shouting keep them in lane one who died and put you in charge everything you own at some point was in a truck we are out there every day and in all weathers day and night getting the stuff to you so please a little respect,i had to go through a two hour driving test with no faults and now i need a cpc card as well,dont even mention the strict driving hours,come on give us a break.HGV driving 36 years and 44 years driving altogether.

Very professional? Obviously you have never been tailgated by a large HGV at 60mph!

I think that it needs to be remembered that this is the MAXIMUM speed not the speed at which they must drive. The large truck drivers are professional drivers and as such have had to prove to a much higher degree of competence than normal car drivers before they are allowed to be given a gods vehicle licence. After that it is up to the police to ensure that they comply with the rules, and I can assure you that they do. The use of the higher speeds will enable traffic flows to be better, improve truck economies and help to make sure that the large trucks are less of a traffic hazard to the road using public.

How many times have you seen this on a dual carrigeway or motorway: "2 MILES AHEAD ROADWORKS THSI LANE CLOSED", and ten all traffic stops moving. it baffles me await a minute though it can't because car drivers are trying to push to the front could it!

Increasing the HGV speed limit from 40 to 50mph on single carriageway roads is potentially a very lethal move, especially on narrow, twisty country lanes. There WILL BE numerous injuries and deaths resulting from too fast HGVs, especially on bends.

Roger Smith, read the highway code, there is NO law restricting HGV or any other vehicle to 56mph, the present speed limit on Motorways for HGV is in fact 60

what is the point of increasing speed limit to 60 mph, when trucks are limited to 56mph ?

It is stupid. Only yesterday lorries were involved in a major accident on the M25,causng a major hold up for half a day & MORE IMPORTANT killing someone. These vehicles drive too fast now & if there has to be a change the speed limit should be lowered.

I would like to count how many car drivers kill or hurt each other in any given month and then compare that to HGV drivers in say a year.Having had my brain upgraded so I could get out of an office and become a professional HGV driver It would appear the reason most Rep's and office staff do not do the same is that they cant drive a car to any level of skill so how on earth are they going to cope with a job that would need them to have any kind of above average skill?

Bob get real the HGVs are some times already traveling at the speeds to be introduced as legal so how is it going to increase accidents its mostly drivers from abroad that flout the laws sad to say and I am not biased , its a observation over many years on the road the other thing I dont like is coaches being allowed to do 70mph on motorways as they are a heavy vehicle and with passengers they should have same restrictions as the HGVs and Bob for your information most HGV drivers are very safe and deffinately not brainless You really need to retract and appologize for your wild imaginative assumptions!!

Dennis butcher said when will HGV drivers get an upgrade on their brains. He needs to look at some of the car drivers on the motorway. I suppose that he is a complete perfect driver and never done anything wrong while driving.what a load of BULLSHIT. If he say's he has never done anything wrong he's a liar.Be a man tell the truth. Iv'e done things wrong sometimes. No ones perfect. It's not just on the motorway it happens off the motorway as well.

I am a lgv 1 driver with 27 years I drove at 60 mph before it was change to 52 mph and the job drives you mad would be welcome change most driver drive safe and are not brain dead

It is much easier & safer to overtake a HGV doing 40 than one doing 50. The increase might actually slow lorries down IF the limit is actually enforced, I have never seen a lorry being pulled over for speeding, so presumably the police will not enforce the new limit. As mentioned previously, ban HGVs from overtaking unless they can legally travel 10 mph more than the other vehicle.

When will the idiot HGV drivers get an upgrade to their brains commensurate with that of their vehicles ? Whenever I drive on a motorway you can ALWAYS see those who follow about 10 feet behind the other HGV immediately in front. At increased speed then the result of an accident increases. Do they not know about re-action time ?

Increased speed equals increased accidents,and the accidents will be more severe as a result. Vehicle technology may have improved but idiot drivers have not.

I have no idea where Julie Townsend gets her information from? HGV trucks these days are 100% safer than they were 10 years ago... and are evolving to greater safety levels as each year passes. The max speed limit for a truck on the motorway is 60 mph. HGV's are limited by law to between 52 & 56 mph. This immediately gives trucks a "Built-In" safety margin! In my experience {and I have 40 years worth} Single track roads are where most car drivers will take more chances to overtake a truck traveling at 40 mph... specially when following a HGV for miles on end. Increasing the limit I feel will help to stop car driver from taking untimely and sometimes dangerous overtaking maneuvers just to get passed the truck...!!! 50 mph on a single track road, can only be achieved by a truck where the roads and driving conditions allow... This should also be kept in mind...??? To finish I would like to say... Whoever you are and wherever or what ever vehicle you drive... "Don't Chance It" Stay safe and have a fantastic Christmas.

Speed kills, but difference in speed also kills. Having spent my entire working life making trucks safer by reducing their stopping distances and their braking stability, I know they are equipped with better collision avoidance and stability controls than most cars, so I think its a good move to make their speed more compatible with the vehicles around them to reduce the need for overtaking and reduce the scope for driver error, which is the main cause of accidents on our roads.

What about coaches what speed on coaches

Absolutly nuts. Speed kills. Motorists are useless at overtaking so ban overtaking. After all, the large no. of traffic lights is not due to great ability rather than their negligence.

About time, after the Labour vehicle haters almost brought our countries trade to a stop the commerce of our country needs speeding up, of course there will be howls of protest by BREAK an offshoot of the crack pot Transport 2000. Its interesting to note that Minister Claire Parry says "Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world" As I have been saying this for years, but the government will still not release a breakdown figure of all accidents because many RTA's are not the fault of the driver, and if figures were produced I would bet that Britain would have THE safest roads in the world. Although unfortunately unlike alcohol there is not yet a roadside test for drugs and drug driving which I think is more prevalent with the spread of easily obtained drugs nowadays. Unfortunately there are some unskilled drivers on the roads like the several foreign trucks I saw this week, with the truck in cruise and the drivers with feet on the dash and a lap top balanced on the lap, and its foreign drivers who need more monitoring

this means bosses wanting more distance in the same time more work does that mean more PAY I guess not

as a ex HGV driver I think it a good IDEAR to up the speed on HGVS the LORRYS are more safer now

I agree with the speed limit being raised. But not the issue it will cause more accidents. Rubbish its a scientific fact that two objects travelling at the same speed in the same direction increase reaction times and impact resistance by Massive margins. My truck will stop 40.000 kilos in 4times it length at 50 mph 5.5 times its length at 70 mph the only other vehicle that is capable of this is a F1 car. The technology used by truck manufacturers now is aeronautical in standard and tolerances are far in excess of everyday use levels. And as for driving standards I have seen and see everyday sheer stupidity by car and motorcycle drivers who do not understand the movement and positioning of a 55ft vehicle on roundabouts and junctions. Despite the size of the vehicle extra care is taken and technology used to cover the blind spots of old vehicles on our roads. The vast majority of Hgv drivers in the uk are Very skilled and aware of the dangers of effectively driving a missile on britains roads but there is always 2 sides to a story and those guilty of stupidity whAtever vehicle they drive. It's human nature that's what makes us different but those who choose to flout the rules and the law will be caught out through there own actions.

Good news but, hauliers you will use more fuel

About time, how many people sit behind a truck on DC AT 50.5mph while it takes 3 miles to overtake another truck. Let's follow Germany as well ban em from OT, at rush hour and raise the limit for cars as well. Our roads still run on rules made in the 60s. Having said that truck drivers need to get back to the way they used to be and be the ones to set an example of good driving, many of them now drive like idiots.

As a haulier myself all I can say is we only have ourselves to blame for the time it has taken to raise speed limits. Had we all stuck together and sat at 40mph the country would have ground to a halt years ago. And as for mr Roberts comment maybe he should stick to talking about something he knows.far from being up the arse of the government hauliers have been robbed by the government for years to subsidise pricks like him!!!

What a crock of s**t .. the dick heads cant drive safely at the speed limits now .. Just imagine the carnage they will cause at higher speeds !! Road haulage so far up the arse of govenment once again !!!!

This is a sensible step especially on dual carriageways. The extra emissions should be of set by the shorter journey times.

re Fred Murrey the emmission scam. This piece of "Rock" has been flying around the universe for millions of years cycling between hot and cold this is nature. Would they say burn more fuel if the planet was going into a cold cycle!!!!!

About time, living in dark ages, no more supermarket lorries doing 38 mph has been a farce really when you can buy a tractor that can match this!

About time, sick of people trying to pull down archaic speed limits, fact is, more accidents must be caused by drivers trying to overtake slow moving vehicles, about time limits are all increased, it was 70mph in the 60's when cars rattled along on cross ply tyres, all transport is far more advanced. As an aside, wish the police would prosecute more drivers for inconsiderate driving, too slow and not maintaining the proper limits.

It is about time this new speed limit is brought in as I am fed up with frustrated cars stuck behind me. Unless it's Terry Stevens then I will drive well below the speed limit!

Shoulld be raised to70mph on motorways, but restrict them to near side lane.

It's certainly a good idea to increase the HGV speed limits. However all trucks over 3500kgsGVW are limited to 90kmh which is 56mph, so where is the logic of increasing to 60mph on dual carriageways when they can't hit that speed unless running illegally. Furthermore I have never understood the speed limit for coaches which is 65mph, they gross at around 11000kgs to 12000kgs carry up to 53 people, when a 7500kgs truck is limited to 56mph, carries only one person and has a gross weight of 7500kgs...where is the logic in this?? Total nonsense.

as a huge proportion of the lorries in the Uk are foreign I think we should make the drivers are aware of the laws of our land and our highway code before entering our country entering our country

I like the idia increasing the speed limit of hgv it will help to reduce the congestions and frustration of other drivers and it will work better for hgv industry

I'm glad they've decided to rise the single carriageways HGV limit to 50 mph. It will make the 40mpheverywhere lot sweat a little bit and our roads might become unclogged again.

The emissions scam,scientists with nothing to gain have proven through facts not theoretical PC nonsense that man cannot,does not and could not cause global weather changes. In fact we need more CO2 as it is vital to all life,real scientists are saying we need as much as 5-10 times more C02 if we are not to place mankind in a desperate situation.

The thing is truck limiters are set at 56 unless we change EU LAW. So trucks with working limiters will never get to 60 unless they are going downhill.

They already break the existing speed limits, it will mean they will just carry on breaking the new limit. Why they drive so close to car drivers I do not know, they are just pains in he butt.

The only difference these raised speed limits will do is allow the driver to do what he's always done only now he won't be breaking the law.As for getting more deliveries in a day,forget it the driver has always broke the limit to get his load off so to keep the boss off his back.I remember I had deliveries in and around London I had several hundred miles to cover before reaching London.Half an hour out of the yard I gets a call asking where I was.The roads should be safer though because the driver won't be constantly looking for plod by keeping his attention on the road more.

Great - HGV's will now be able to go even faster in bad weather conditions - we need a two tier system !

Its all about the money, quote "Increased revenue for hauliers could boost government coffers via extra income tax, value added tax, and duty. " end quote. That says it all, you don't need to ask any other questions, its those greedy barstewards in London, all they want is more money, they don't give a stuff where it comes from, or who gets injured or dies in an accident caused by one of these overweight commercial assault vehicles.

as a retired hgv driver I watch hgv on the a64 and boy they can move there arnt many drivers sticking to the speed they can easily be doing over 60; what happened to the tacho rules,that tachos had to be put in a machine and read by someone in authority namely vosa as for the guy saying the wagons are safer let me say ,its the driver whs,s in control not the machine.

I drive a 26ton rigid and think it will be chaos...every thinking driver knows that going faster rarely gets you there quicker, it just ups the ante and employers will expect more work done in the time!.....any car drivers reading this,please slow down so i can get on the roundabout too.....ta

Not before time, however HGV's rarely stick to the 40mph limit now so if the limit is increased to 50 mph on single carriageways it should be rigidly enforced. The number of times , here in Scotland, when I have been overtaken by HGV's, often forestry lorries,when I have been driving at around 50 mph is unbelievable.

What irresponsible comments restricting HGV's to lane one or restricted to night Time deliveries totally impractical give it some thought !! When will we professional drivers be appreciated for the work we do with all the responsibility that this requires. Increased speed limits increase is long overdue giving us opportunity to do our work with greater efficiency without the "why are you late" comments due to outdated restrictions

Tracy Marston has the right approach pity the government doesn't upgrade roads so all meet requirements.