posted 3 years ago

Hiring a Car Abroad?

Check out ‘new regulations’

If you are hiring a car abroad this summer it is worth checking if a new system is in place with the hire company that you use. 

Motorists going abroad after the 8th June should be aware they may need a special code with them if they want to hire a car, this date is key as it is the start of computerised records for endorsements and fines and the end of the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence. 

If you need to show any convictions for offences such as speeding or points you have acquired then to obtain the information you need to log on to the DVLA website with a code. The code is only valid for 72 hours so if you want to hire a car more than three days into your trip you will need to generate a new code whilst abroad which means internet access or a phone call to the DVLA. 

The code is not an official requirement but it will depend on the individual hire company’s terms so it is definitely worth checking beforehand. Many motorists are not aware of the changes that will occur due to no more paper counterparts which the DVLA recommend should be destroyed after 8th June. 

However the AA have advised motorists to hang on to the paper counterpart as some hire companies may be unaware of the new arrangements.  Hiring a car abroad is not always a problem without a paper counterpart as some companies do not currently ask for them. 

A spokesperson for the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) said the situation still was not clear. They say its is short notice from the DVLA and the new system has not been thoroughly tested and car rental companies have not finalised plans for the UK and abroad.