posted 11 years ago

Historic Cars found in the undergrowth

Extraordinary collection of cars to be auctioned next month

A collection of historic cars including a rare 1930s Morris Minor convertible were found after been hidden for more than fifty years in an overgrown wilderness. Under a cloak of weeds, bushes, cobwebs, and corrugated iron were the dilapidated remains of some classic marques from their time. Cars among the collection include a couple of Riley Monaco’s, a Riley Lynx, a Willys Overland, a Daimler, an Austin 7, a Sunbeam and a 1920’s four door Austin open tourer.

Vehicle valuation expert Guy Snelling was stunned at what he discovered and said it was an unprecedented find. “Some are in a pretty poor state but they are largely complete and most can be restored, one man’s wreck is another man’s restoration project. While some might make a few hundred, others could go for several thousand pounds,” he added.

The cars belonged to James Blanch, a retired wheelwright who moved from London to a forge south of Norwich in the 1950s, bringing many of his beloved vehicles with hi m. A number of vintage motorbikes were also found at the property and are in much better condition including two Sunbeams and a 1930 BSA.

Alongside the vintage cars and bikes a 1964 Ford Anglia 105E was discovered, it was last used on the road in 1977 and has just 55,000 miles on the clock.

The sale will be on Saturday April 4 at Keys' Aylsham saleyard. More information from Keys on 01263 733195 or at