posted 7 years ago

Holidaymakers - Best Way to Travel to the Airport

The best way to travel to the airport when flying abroad is.... to walk.

The best way to travel to the airport when flying abroad is.... to walk. This eliminates the eye-watering parking charges that cost more than a Hollywood divorce settlement. For example, leaving your car near Heathrow Terminal 1 for two weeks in May can cost between £89.10 and £141.50. This cost, of course, is on top of fuel and wear and tear.

On this basis hiring airport taxis may be preferable. These eliminate expensive parking charges, remove the need to drive, and leave a full tank of fuel in your car. Rates, based on a ninety mile journey from Dorset to Heathrow, typically cost between £95 and £130. This varies according to the type of taxi required, e.g. hatchback or MPV. These prices are for one way trips only, so the cost for this convenience is considerable.

So, sticking with our Dorset to Heathrow Terminal 1 example. On average a taxi, both ways, costs an approximate total of £225. Holidaymakers who drive themselves, average 33mpg and choose a mid-range parking option, pay roughly £150 overall. This is £75 cheaper than sliding your bulging suitcases into taxis. However, It may be worth the extra expense to know that your beloved vehicle is safely tucked-up at home.

Another option is to ask a friend for lifts, then pay their expenses. This equals £80 worth of fuel in our scenario. This is probably the best option. No driving. No parking fees. No expensive taxis. No worry that your beloved car is dumped behind an airport for two weeks. It is also the cheapest of our options, apart from actually walking. Happy holidays.