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Honda Most Reliable Manufacturer In UK

What Car? And Warranty Direct Honour Honda

What Car? and Warranty Direct have revealed that Honda is the most reliable motor manufacturer in the country. This is, in fact, the eighth consecutive year it has taken the top spot. What Car? - which is a monthly magazine - and Warranty Direct - which insures motorists against the cost of repairs – drew this conclusion after analysing 50,000 live policies that relate to cars between one and three years old. Furthermore, the average Honda insurance claim was not until 43,916 miles and only cost £356.46. What Car? Editor-In-Chief, Chas Hallett, therefore said that the company's success is “down to low failure rates” and that “when cars do go wrong they’re easy and cheap to fix”. Reliability is important when buying secondhand and no one wants to buy a vehicle that is going to bring numerous bills.

During the five year period Honda produced a wide range of capable machines. Highlights include the Civic which sits in the small family class, and has a spacious cabin and pleasing equipment specification. This coexists with the Honda Accord Tourer which is a more luxurious family estate, the Insight which is an environmentally-friendly hybrid, and the Jazz which is a compact multi-purpose vehicle. Strengths include the confident handling and the rear seats that slide forward/back to balance leg room with boot space.

Honda tops the list with Suzuki (second), Subaru (joint third with Hyundai), Toyota (fifth) and Lexus (sixth). Overall the most reliable models are the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Vauxhall Agila which are also the cheapest cars to repair, the least reliable is the Audi RS6 and the Porsche 911 is the most expensive to fix.   Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher said “household budgets are already strained, so the last thing you want is a vehicle that costs you yet more unwanted bills. That is why it pays to research cars before you buy, make the wrong choice and you could land yourself with a car that causes you nothing but hassle and money.”

Those buying secondhand luxury and prestige will find that many more expensive brands will actually let you down more often. Bentley, Land Rover and Porsche are the most likely to break down and surprisingly 86% of Bentleys suffer a problem each year, making it the UK’s least dependable car maker. Electrical faults are the most common across all cars, with almost a quarter needing a visit to the garage in an average year. Axle and suspension faults are also common, affecting 22% of cars.

Cars have become increasingly complex, with lots of gadgetry on board, especially on executive models where buyers expect more.  Owners of these cars pay over the odds for the premium badge and they could also be paying over the odds just to keep the car on the road.

If you are a used car buyer it is quite a balancing act, you can purchase a car that breaks down less often but have very high repair bills or you can buy a car that won’t cost very much when it fails such as the Mitsubishi or Vauxhall. It does appear though that there is no doubt you can rely on buying Japanese. Japanese car makers really do deliver on reliability and Honda is exceptionally good at this.

Another option is you could take out a warranty for your new purchase with Warranty Direct who is one of the most reputable warranty companies in the UK.

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I have just part exchanged a Lexus IS300 (52 plate) (3-litre straight 6) which I purchased at 15 months old and sold it with 96,000 miles. Apart from normal service items I spent on £45 on a new bonnet club for the bonnet stay. Compare this to my previous car a Peugot 406 couple (3 litre V6) which was costing me hundreds every year outside of normal service items.

No surprise to see Honda as the most reliable, but Bentley as least. Wow!!! That's got to make us mere plebs feel really smug.