posted 7 years ago

How To Identify Hazards

Motorists who identify hazards early tend to have safe journeys.

Motorists who identify hazards early tend to have safe journeys; whereas those who struggle have their insurance company on speed-dial. As such, Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has some tips that help drivers avoid awkward phone calls:

- Anticipate hazards and spot them earlier. In doing so, you will be able to avoid any potential dangers.

- Think about what might happen. Junction warning signs give early notice that a driver may be waiting to pull out ahead. Most warning signs for junctions indicate that a serious road traffic incident has occurred there.

- Observe others. Expect and plan for their actions.

- Use your mirrors so that you are aware of what is going on around you.

- Remember, hazards can include bends and junctions. Expect that there may be a car peeping or a cyclist around the bend, this will allow you enough time to respond safely.

Mr Elstow said: “Hazards can be anything from a tree branch to a child walking along the pavement. Anticipating what other road users might do is key to being prepared and becoming a safer driver.”