posted 6 years ago

How To Pass Horses On The Road

Passing horses on the road is riskier than punching a furious tiger.

Passing horses on the road is riskier than punching a furious tiger. Horses can rear-up, after all, and wander unpredictably through traffic. As such, Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed his top tips for coping with this four-legged hazard:

- Horses are unpredictable, so don’t risk startling them by rushing up or making sudden noises when passing.

- Give them enough space: riders are reluctant to take a horse onto the verge, as long grass can hide a multitude of hazards.

- Horses don’t like being stood still for long periods of time. If you are stopped in a queue, give them plenty of fidgeting room.

- If you catch a horse up from behind, give it time to see you. This is even more important in a hybrid or electric car, which are quieter – they won’t like a surprise.

- In traffic, most riders won’t use the right hand lane to turn right, as this puts the horse between lanes of moving traffic.

- Respect the rider’s decision. Horses will often ride side by side on the road. This isn’t so their owners can have a chat – it is to protect less experienced, or nervous, riders and horses in traffic. In urban areas they will do this to claim some space.

Simon Elstow revealed: “Summer sees more vulnerable road users on the road. They have as much right as car drivers to be there, but a lack of understanding puts them at risk. Many riders will try to communicate with you – make eye contact.”