posted 6 years ago

How To Prepare Cars For Winter

Come on... let us spend five minutes preparing our cars for winter.

Come on... let us spend five minutes preparing our cars for winter. A little work now, after all, makes motoring safer and ensures we are ready to face tricky situations. Our easy to follow framework comes courtesy of Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists:

- In a UK winter you are most likely to encounter wind and rain, so make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition, your screen wash is topped up and that the inside of your windscreen is clean.

- Do a thorough check of your vehicle: check your engine coolant level and make sure last year’s ice scraper and de-icer are up to the job.

- The legal minimum for tyre tread in the UK is 1.6mm, but for optimum safety start looking for replacements if the depth is below 3mm.

- Test all your lights.

- Pack an emergency kit, including a warm coat, high visibility jacket, some food and water, a good pair of boots, de-icer and scraper, a torch, a spade and a mobile phone with a well-charged battery. Remember to store your emergency breakdown number.

Elstow said: “Now is the time to give your car a once-over before winter conditions take hold. Bad weather can strike suddenly and more severely than you expect, so it’s really important to be proactive, rather than reactive.” He continued: “Many roads are still pot- holed after last winter, so having a well-maintained car and paying particular attention to your tyres will be extremely important.”