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How To Reduce Fuel Consumption

The price of fuel is higher than a billionaire's tax bill.

The price of fuel is higher than a billionaire's tax bill. In fact, at £1.34 per-litre for unleaded, it now costs £93.80 to fill the 70-litre tank on a new Ford Mondeo. Even the compact Ford Fiesta has a 42-litre tank, so it costs £56.28 to fill this run-around. Whatever car you own your driving style has a major impact on consumption; so the Institute of Advanced Motorists has a few tips:

- Read the road ahead - try to anticipate the traffic around you, for example, at traffic lights, roundabouts and junctions. This reduces the need for hard acceleration and braking - MPG killers. Cruise control is useful and economic for smooth driving on long journeys.

- Stick to the speed limit - reducing speed from 85mph to 70mph can save up to a litre of petrol every 20 miles.

- Switch off the engine - if you are going to stop for some time at a level crossing or slow- changing lights. Small cars use 1.5p of petrol every minute and medium-sized cars lose petrol and money at double this rate.

- Lighten the load - excess baggage or an empty roof box will increase your fuel consumption. Check that the contents of your boot are essential, and remove the roof box while not in use.

- Check your tyres - under-inflated tyres will increase your fuel consumption by up to three per cent. Check tyre pressures when the tyres are cold, at least once a month.

- Get trained - take advantage of an IAM eco-driving course, which will teach you the skills needed to increase your MPG.

Just reduce the ever increasing price of petrol. That will automatically reduce the price of the energy at home. Or should we stop driving at all or never put on heating?- that way we save both petrol and bills!!! I think we are going that road now....

reduce the price per liter

The feet of a ballerina. The hands of a surgeon and the eyes of a sewer rat. The accelerator is a sponge squeeze it gently and the fuel will go further, sweeze it hard and away it goes and the fuel. Positive planning looking ahead coupled with good acceleration sense.

Drive as if you have no brakes.

Think of your accelerator as a Tap; a petrol tap. The more you press, the more petrol you use. Try and imagine there is an egg between your right foot and the accelerator. Will it be whole at the end of the trip?