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How To Safely Scrap Your Car

Motorists can now receive up to £300 at the end of their car’s life

Approximately 2 million cars are scrapped every year in the UK. Most are between 10 and 16 years old and have reached a point where they're uneconomical to repair or sell on. 

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when scrap metal prices were low, parting company with an ailing vehicle could be a hassle. You'd have to nurse it to a scrapyard and enter into negotiations with the owner – often even paying them to take it off your hands.

But now if your motor's next destination is The Great Car Park in the Sky, then the process is really easy. And depending on the type of car and its location, motorists can make between £100 and £300.

Go Online

Sorting out your scrap car can be done from the comfort of your own home using a website such as By entering the registration number and your postcode into the website, you'll be given an instant online quote with the option of either delivering your car to the recycling centre or having it collected.

Sort out the paperwork

When it comes to saying goodbye to your old car, it's important to make a clean break. When a car is scrapped the DVLA needs to be notified using a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) which can only be issued by scrap car recycling centres known as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs).

CarTakeBack is the biggest scrap car recycling company in the UK and has a nationwide network of recycling centres which are all fully licensed and have a secure electronic link to the DVLA database meaning that they can both promptly contact the DVLA on your behalf and provide you with a CoD.

Recycling Matters

We're all so used to separating out our household rubbish so that paper and glass can be recycled and other items properly disposed of. It's even more important to make sure that scrap cars are disposed of correctly. If not, toxic materials such as oil and lead can end up damaging the environment.

You should only scrap your car at a recycling centre with an ATF Licence – that means it'll be properly and safely disposed of.

Don't get done by dodgy dealers

It's important to avoid dodgy dealers when scrapping your car. They can offer unrealistically high amounts for your scrap car – but then drop their offer dramatically on collection. Since the Scrap Metal Dealers' Act of 2013 it's been illegal to pay cash for scrap cars in England and Wales, so if anyone offers to do this it's a red flag.

And maybe you could win a new car?

Customers who scrap their cars through CarTakeBack are being entered in a prize draw to win a new Mitsubishi Mirage 2 worth £11,000

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