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Hundreds of Thousands of Motorists Drive Uninsured

Institute of Advanced Motorists Reveals Number of Uninsured Drivers

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed that 226,803 people have points on their licence for driving without insurance. This figure - which breaks down to 194,997 full licence holders and 31,806 provisional - comes courtesy of a freedom of information request and equates to 1 in every 200 full licence holders. Furthermore, drivers aged 25 to 35 are the most likely to commit this offence whereas those over 65 are the least likely. And it seems men are more likely to offend than women irrespective of age group. 

Institute Chief Executive Discusses Uninsured Drivers

The Institute of Advanced Motorists Chief Executive, Simon Best, claimed: “These findings are shocking. Those 200,000 individuals who drive whilst uninsured place the burden back on those who abide by the law through higher premiums and potentially the cost of vehicle repair.” Mr Best added:  “The most concerning fact is that this could just be the tip of the iceberg, as these numbers only represent those who have been caught and penalised.  Insurance fraud and uninsured driving are also growing problems that need to be tackled through a coordinated approach from enforcement authorities.”

Uninsured Drivers Face Higher Insurance Premiums

Somebody that is caught without insurance – who later applies for cover – might find the premium alarmingly high. Let us consider an example. The Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed that an 18 year old from Surrey might pay £952.68 to insure a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L. This assumes that he/she has a clean licence. However, throw-in a conviction for driving without insurance and the figure rises to £2,195.94 (according to MoneySupermarket). A perpetrator might also be fined and have the vehicle confiscated.

MoneySupermarket Expert Discusses Uninsured Drivers

Peter Harrison, a car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: “It’s astonishing how many drivers are still prepared to hit the road without insurance. Not only is it illegal but you could face thousands of pounds in liability, a conviction, six points on your licence and a hefty fine should you be caught out or be involved in a crash. To make matters worse, uninsured drivers cost the insurance industry £500 million each year. Furthermore, insurance fraud adds £39 to the cost of every motor premium.” Mr Harrison continued: “Although car insurance premiums may appear high, having suitable insurance and proving you are a safe driver will help bring premiums down over time.”


no if's or buts confiscate their vehicle,with draw their licence find them heavily and if they are unemployed make them do a good few hours community work. If they repeat the offence then imprison the culprit, stop this namby pandering to these offender and come down hard on them start thinking of the innocent victims if these offenders cause nasty accidents.

When the Road Fund licence is due, the insurance should be due at the same time, i.e. they are linked. There then could be a 'chip' that is attached to the vehicle by the police which shows that both tax and insurance have been paid.

Own insurance is just coming up for renewal - and the insurance broker (large supermarket) has basically removed the vital third party cover when driving vehicles not owned by you. No longer covered if the car is not covered by its own insurance - so now we have to do due diligence to check insurance - stupid is the word and puts people at risk. Third part insurance should be funded via the roar or fuel tax ensuring everyone pays and is covered if they hurt someone.

We are aware that insurance for young drivers is expensive, but with some fuel forecourts using the AMPR system, surely at lot could be stopped, do not supply fuel to uninsured cars, or is that to simple, this should be something financed jointly by Government and the Insurance industry as they are both in line to save most. Longer term should save on insurance premiums for us all.

No matter what you may think of the UK insurance industry, insurance is compulsory!!! The problem is that with premiums in the thousands for young drivers and fines, if caught, in the low hundreds drivers are weighing the odds and taking a chance on driving without insurance. Fines need to be on a par with premiums so that the risk is not worth taking.

What a complete and utter load of cr@p by the IAM Chief Exec and the MoneySupermarket "expert"!! No wonder there is an increasing number of uninsured drivers considering the extortionate and disproportionate rate that premiums have risen! Does it not seem strange that whilst premiums are rocketing, the number of uninsured drivers is escalating and yet the other article in this regard confirms that "insurance companies are paying out less". They all must think that the motorist is a complete numpty and therefore fair game. Ask the question why the number of companies offering motor insurance has drastically risen over the past decade - answer "easy pickings" and fat profits, simple. These insurance companies are profiting by millions each year and coin it in every time a policy holder wants to change their vehicle by either hiking up the premiums or declining the cover and charging extortionate cancellation fees without having to honour a completed year's no claims bonus. These highway robbers make me puke!!