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Hyundai Click To Buy: Pick, Personalise & Order A New Car At Home

Choose, personalise, and finance your fashionable new vehicle from the comfort of home with Hyundai Click To Buy.

Fancy some fun? Deserve a treat? Hyundai Click To Buy lets you choose, personalise, and finance a new car from home via a computer, tablet, or phone. And guess what? The process is straightforward and convenient. Furthermore, the manufacturer produces a wide range of reliable cars so it is easy to find one that suits your lifestyle, budget, and image. Your choices include:

  • i10 (compact, city class car that is cheap to run, easy to park, and fashionable) – from £12,820
  • i30 Tourer (spacious, practical, family estate that makes it easy to transport bicycles, sports equipment, fishing gear, and anything else you need for your adventures) – from £17,900
  • Tucson (compact, sports-utility class vehicle that has a vast range of equipment that makes it feel special) – from £23,150
  • Kona Electric (sleek, electric, sports-utility vehicle which has a maximum range of 278 miles per-charge) – from £29,900
  • Santa Fe (large, premium, sports-utility vehicle that has a third row of seats and a prestigious vibe) – from £39,420.

Hyundai Tucson

How Hyundai Click To Buy works

Hyundai Click To Buy is easy to use. To get started, enter the registration of any car you plan to trade-in. Its value pays towards the cost of your new car. Hyundai now shows you payment options. Pick: cash, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Personal Motor Loan (PML), or Personal Contract Hire (PCH). Certain terms such as the monthly payments can be adjusted to suit your finances. 

Hyundai Click To Buy now shows you a list of new, exciting cars that match your budget. The list can be refined further within seconds. Pick manual or automatic transmission, for example. You can also pick a petrol engine, diesel engine, or zero emission electric motor. Or perhaps there is a particular model of interest.

You might now further personalise your car to complement your sense of style. You might pick the exterior colour, the seat fabric, and add optional extras. This is your chance to make the car truly yours. It is your chance to make sure it is everything you require.

Hyundai 5 year warranty

The Hyundai 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty is the cheery on the cake. Why? Because it guarantees peace of mind and that the manufacture is ready to help if necessary. The warranty further confirms that your new vehicle is robust and built to last long term. Why else would it have such a comprehensive warranty? Hyundai Click To Buy is available via the manufacturer’s website. Have fun!