posted 9 years ago

Hyundai continue to score at the World Cup

Hyundai are one of the main sponsors providing transport for the teams

Hyundai have maximised their global audience at the 2010 World Cup. They are one of the main sponsors providing transport for the teams. They have Hyundai vehicles at every ground together with their advertising and they even stole the limelight when Steven Gerrard scored the first goal as ITV's HD channel missed it and instead TV screens across the country were filled with a Hyundai advert. They have also built the world’s biggest vuvuzela and placed it on the edge of an unfinished bypass in the centre of Cape Town that is impossible to miss.

All Hyundai models are on show at the World Cup including the Hyundai i30. The Hyundai i30 hatchback was voted the most satisfying car to own in a survey of 23,000 British motorists.  The Hyundai i30 was designed specifically to raise the profile of Hyundai in the big European markets and it’s a significant step in the right direction. This year the company has kept up the momentum introducing new models with the impressive Hyundai iX35 compact SUV. The Hyundai i10 supermini was a huge success hitting top sales margins for most of last year; it is an immensely popular buy not only is it cheap it is competent and great value.

Later this year Hyundai will bring out a super mini sized people carrier followed in early 2011 with a sexy coupe.