posted 6 years ago

Hyundai in UK’s Top Ten List

It is official, Hyundai is now one of the top ten best selling manufacturers in the UK.

It is official, Hyundai is now one of the top ten best selling manufacturers in the UK. This is a fantastic achievement for Hyundai as this is a first for any Korean car brand.

Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO, Hyundai UK said “despite challenging economic and social conditions, Hyundai has had an exceptional year. The investment in desirable new products which offer more than just good value has been integral to consumers reappraising the Hyundai brand. Since 2008, Hyundai has more than 250,000 more cars on the road and has seen sales nearly triple in just four years. We have risen from 21st in the UK car market to breaking through at number 10 - that is a tremendous achievement, and a testament to the hard work of our employees and the Dealer Network.”

There is no doubt that the popular Hyundai i10 will have a lot to do with the sales figures for Hyundai, it was Hyundai’s best selling model in 2012 and will no doubt continue with its success. It was the second best-selling car in the A-segment outselling the Ford Ka and the VW Up! Priced from only £6995 this great little city car is capable of achieving 1.62mph in 12.8 second and can reach a top speed of 102mph. At present this nippy little number works out at just £99 per month so it’s very cheap to buy and very cheap to run. There are two petrol engines offered and the eco ‘Blue’ model has a 1.0 cylinder engine and is still quick round the block. These engines are so low in co2 emissions there is very little to pay in any road tax either.

The Hyundai i30 was voted the UK’s best value hatchback, it has established itself amongst its competitors such as the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra and recently a funky three door model was released which will be more appealing to the younger generation. The third best seller for Hyundai is the i20, powered by a 1.2 litre petrol engine this model is again competitively priced and is available for only £119 per month.

It is worth remembering that all Hyundai models are supported by Hyundai’s industry-best, fully transparent Five Year Triple Care assurance.  This package offers five-year unlimited warranty, five years of roadside assistance and five years of vehicle health checks. This really does take the worry out of motoring and gives complete peace of mind.

Figures released show that Hyundai sold approximately 4.4 million vehicles globally in 2012. The company has picked up many awards, it has been named Best Car Manufacturer by Which? magazine and Car Franchise of the Year by Motor Trader two years running. Car sales are extremely consistent for Hyundai and there is no doubt 2013 will be just as successful.