posted 4 years ago

Hyundai ix35: Wide Range Of Innovative Technology

Hyundai ix35: What Is It?

The Hyundai ix35 has an “enviable list of intuitive technology”, its manufacturer claims. 

The ix35 is a crossover class vehicle that has the look of a 4x4 – and 4-wheel-drive in certain forms – mixed with the cargo capacity of a medium-size estate. Despite such strengths, its footprint is comparable to a small family vehicle such as the Ford Focus.

Hyundai ix35: Hill Start Assist & Downhill Brake Control

Hill Start Assist Control is one of its technological highlights. Its purpose is to prevent it rolling back on slopes while pulling away. Downhill Brake Control, in contrast, stops it picking up to much speed on a steep decent. This is particularly beneficial off-road. Both systems are standard across the range on the S, SE, SE Nav, Premium and Panorama trim.

Hyundai ix35: Keyless Entry System

The Hyundai ix35 also has a Keyless Entry System. Its purpose is to automatically unlock the doors as the motorist approaches. The engine can then be started and stopped via a button. The system eliminates the need to hunt for a key that might be buried in the bottom of a bag. Keyless Entry is standard on the Premium and Premium Panorama trim.

Hyundai ix35: Sat-Nav

Satellite Navigation is available – on the SE Nav, Premium and Premium Panorama trim – via a 7-inch, touch screen, display. This incorporates a rear-view camera to make reserving easier and minimise the risk of mishaps. These trims also have 7 speakers (rather than 6).

Hyundai ix35: Trailer Stability Assist

Trailer Stability Assist is a standard feature to minimise snaking, i.e. the trailer swinging like a pendulum. Its works by reducing engine power and braking whatever wheel is necessary to keep it in line. Towing capacity is up to 2000kg (2.0i CRDi 4WD manual).

Hyundai ix35: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System warns the driver via the dashboard that a tyre is under inflated. Low pressure can impede a vehicle's handling and braking and – in the most extreme cases – cause a blow out. This feature is standard throughout the range.

Hyundai ix35: Follow-Me-Home Headlights

Follow-Me-Home Headlights serve a simple but beneficial purpose. Once the vehicle is parked, they stay lit for a short time to illuminate (say) the path to a front door. This makes life easier and minimises the risk of tripping. All ix35s have Follow-Me-Home lights.

The Hyundai ix35 costs from £17,000 to £28,115 on the road.