posted 3 years ago

Hyundai launch campaign ‘A message to Space’

Sensational advert for the Car Manufacturer

Hyundai’s new launched campaign ‘A message to Space’ features a 13-year-old girl Stephanie who wanted to write a note to her father on the International Space Station. Hyundai have found a unique and fantastic way for her to be in touch with her father who is an astronaut away on space missions for long periods of time. Stephanie’s personal message big enough to read from space was created in giant lettering by Hyundai in a very unique way. 

The way Hyundai achieved this is quite spectacular, they needed a blank canvas and the Delamar Dry Lake Nevada in the United States was the perfect location. Hyundai despatched eleven Genesis cars to the desert which were carefully driven just metres apart using sat-navs to write Stephanies message. The carefully written image has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as the ‘largest tyre track image’ ever measuring  over 5 km2.

The fantastic Genesis cars were perfect and most certainly capable of the challenge due to the outstanding engine performance, the powertain, precise handling and the excellent driving stability that copes with rough surfaces. Perfect synchronisation was required for the tyre track writing and the cars most certainly met the challenge. 

View the ‘A Message to Space Video’ 

It is possible to view the ‘A Message to Space’ video, either visit the official campaign website or look at the YouTube channel.