posted 7 years ago

Hyundai Santa Fe Premium SE 2.2 CRDi PCP

New Hyundai Santa Fe Finance Offer

The Hyundai Santa Fe finance plan helps motorists own a similar car as “extreme adventurer” – and Hyundai ambassador – Andy Torbet. Terms for this Personal Contract Plan include the £11,656.25 deposit which is followed by thirty-six instalments of £359. Not bad considering it is the top-spec Premium SE 2.2 CRDi finished in white. At the end of the contract there are three options. The first is to make the £11,496.25 optional final payment to own this four-wheel-drive seven-seater outright. This totals £36,076.50 including £3,381.50 interest. Option two is to return it and walk away. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in reasonable condition and has not exceeded the 10,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses are charged at 14.9 pence per-mile. Option three is to purchase - as per option one - then part exchange by starting a further Personal Contract Plan. If the Santa Fe is worth more than its final payment - perhaps because it has low mileage - the difference contributes towards the newer car's deposit. But who could part with the Santa Fe's stylish looks, flexible 195bhp diesel engine, big boot, and high equipment specification? It can, after all, steer itself into parallel parking bays and it has a tyre pressure monitoring system/panoramic roof. The term 'high-spec' pops to mind.

Hyundai Santa Fe Meets Andy Torbet

The Hyundai Santa Fe has been thoroughly put through its paces by Andy Torbet, the presenter of BBC's Coast and Operation Iceberg. The latter – albeit without his car - required him to spend six weeks exploring a glacier in Greenland and an iceberg close to Canada. He also spent ten years in the military as a paratrooper, diver, and bomb disposal expert. He now travels the United Kingdom in his Hyundai Santa Fe benefiting from its refined on-road handling and respectable off-road performance. These strengths are backed-up by a five-year manufacturer warranty that can be transferred between owners. Peace of mind is therefore virtually guaranteed. During his travels the heroic explorer – who clearly has a cool head under pressure – used his Santa Fe as an anchor point for abseiling down cliffs and a bedroom in remote locations. This four-wheel-drive also took him to a flooded mine in Wales that no living man has explored. Here he found rusting equipment left by the miners and old graffiti. What better task for the Hyundai Santa Fe?