posted 3 years ago

Hyundai Star-Studded Adverts Show-Off Tech At Super Bowl 50

Hyundai showcases ingenious systems such as talk start and auto-brake with star-studded, light-hearted, adverts at Super Bowl 50.

Hyundai first date commercial stars Kevin Hart

Hyundai has revealed a series of star-studded, light-hearted, commercials to emphasise the technology within its cars at the Super Bowl 50. In “First Date”, a young man knocks on the door of a house to collect his teenage companion.

After complimenting her appearance her protective father – played by comedian Kevin Hart – appears at the door which alarms the visitor. Hart offers to lend the man his car for the night but has an ulterior motive. The Genesis Blue Link Car Finder system, after all, enables him to track the pair then periodically pop-up to ensure proper behaviour. 

Hyundai chase advert stars two bears

“The Chase” has a faster pace and opens with a man and woman running through a forest pursued by two, roaring, bears. The women falls to the floor then leaps to her feet as the man shouts: “go go go”.

He then reveals a watch and says “start the car”. A Hyundai Elantra – which is parked nearby and finished in blue - springs to life and the couple make their escape. The bears then take centre stage and one says: “I just wanted to hug”. His companion, in contrast, - a “vegan” - is on a “cheat day” so wants to “eat them”.

Hyundai Ryanville Advert with Ryan Reynolds

The “Ryanville” commercial stars popular actor Ryan Reynolds. Two ladies in a Hyundai Elantra cruise through a town where every resident resembles the film and television actor. There is a cyclist, a policeman, a motorist receiving a ticket for a traffic violation, construction workers and sports enthusiasts throwing a ball around a garden.

The ladies find these handsome strangers somewhat distracting so fail to notice a dog walker – also played by Ryan Reynolds – step into the path of their vehicle. Fortunately, the automatic emergency braking system that incorporates pedestrian detect brings it to a safe, controlled stop. 

Hyundai says “We Make Things Better”

The Hyundai commercials emphasise the brand's core message of: “We make things better”. Kevin Hart's character protects his daughter via Blue Link Car Finder, hikers in the wood escape bears via Talk Start, and Automatic Braking ensures Ryan Reynolds's character remains safe and well.

Dean Evans, CMO, Hyundai Motor America, told Adweek: "Hyundai was born to make things better. It's in our blood as well as our brand strategy”. He continued: "If you're going to make people be more fond of you, you've got to make them feel something inside”. These commercials were devised by Innocean Worldwide that creates customised marketing strategies for business.