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Impact Of Drug-Drive Laws On Patients Explained To Healthcare Workers

New Drug-Driving Limits To Be Introduced In UK

The Government has issued healthcare workers with guidance explaining how new drug-drive laws will impact on patients. This is important as – from March 2nd 2015 – the law will specify how much of certain prescription drugs a motorist can have in his/her system. The rules will relate to illegal substances too. The guidance – which is for general practitioners, other doctors, nurses and health advisers – makes clear that a patient that takes medication in line with instruction should not fall foul of the new law (assuming he/she is unimpeded). It also explains that a motorist might be able to use a “medical defence” if challenged. Guidance therefore recommends the patient carries evidence of need within the vehicle, e.g. a prescription and printed guidance from the medicine producer.  This should “speed up any investigation into the medical defence and reduce inconvenience”. The new law will come into force at the time the police receive new equipment to test for cannabis/cocaine at the roadside. If a motorist tests positive, he/she will be taken to a station where an evidential test will be required for prosecution. 

Roads Ministers Discusses Drug-Drive Limits

Roads Minister Robert Goodwill said: “New guidance will help doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals explain the new drug-driving offence and reassure their patients that - provided they take their medication in accordance with advice and are not impaired - they can carry on driving just as they have always done.” He added: “The new drug-driving law will make it easier for the police to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs, or abuse medicinal drugs whether they are on prescription or available over the counter. This new offence will be introduced alongside major changes to drink-drive laws. Taken together, these will give police the tools they need to prosecute those who risk lives.”

Drug-Drive Limits For Illicit And Prescription Substances

The limits for substances available on prescription will be: 

  1. Clonazepam - 50 µg/L 
  2. Diazepam - 550 µg/L 
  3. Flunitrazepam - 300 µg/L 
  4. Lorazepam - 100 µg/L 
  5. Methadone - 500 µg/L 
  6. Morphine - 80 µg/L 
  7. Oxazepam - 300 µg/L 
  8. Temazepam - 1000 µg/L 

The limits for illicit substances will be:

  1. Benzoylecgonine - 50 µg/L 
  2. Cocaine - 10 µg/L 
  3. Delta–9–Tetrahydrocannabinol (Cannabis and Cannabinol) - 2 µg/L 
  4. Ketamine - 20 µg/L 
  5. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) - 1 µg/L 
  6. Methylamphetamine - 10 µg/L 
  7. Methylenedioxymethaphetamine (MDMA – Ecstasy) - 10 µg/L 
  8. 6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM – Heroin and Morphine) - 5 µg/L 

And about time too! Drugs are just as dangerous as alcohol. BooHoo another dumbed down individual. DO YOU KNOW THE PERFUME YOU WEAR IS IMPAIRING YOUR JUDGEMENT?

Scientific Fact... everything we consume, whether eating, drinking or breathing, affects us and impairs or enhances our brain functioning, and what affects us today may not affect us tomorrow. FACT! That is why these laws are nothing more than targeting 10+ million motorists on our roads every day for revenue. Stop being a Cash Cow and stand up for your rights! Go see David Icke at Wembley 25th October 2014, and wake up to reality! The man who was laughed at many years ago and everything he proclaimed then is all coming to light now!

90% of drivers are on some form of medication that will definitely affect their brain functioning. 100% of drivers will be affected by whatever they eat, drink and breathe during the time they are on the road. So what? Are we supposed to just park up and stay in our homes? Will all these Quango self righteous idiots just dig yourselves a hole and bury yourselves in it. Everything kills so just stop doing everything!

I hope I am not breaking the law I take as many as 17 tablets in the morning and another 15 tablets in the evening I would like to know what tablets are on the list to be sure I am not on the wrong side of the law!

And about time too! Drugs are just as dangerous as alcohol...

ok, why are there limits for illicit substances, if they are using illegal drugs, then they are breaking the laws anyhow, so there shouldn't be any limits for illicit drugs.

Wayne Hutchinson from what i can gather 1 ml =1ug hope that is helpful

I'm on methadone but don't know what those signs mean.I'm prescribed 50 ml daily....

Yes great law i am a wagon driver,and people are silly, without drugs inside them,see silly things done every day by people who drive ..What would they be like with drugs in them.