posted 2 years ago

Infiniti Q30 Overview For 2016

Exploration of the core strengths that make this prestigious, 5-door, hatchback a worthy purchase.

Premium prestige and compact proportions

The Infiniti Q30 is a premium, compact, model that contributed towards the manufacturer's 163% rise in registrations between January and July 2016; compared to 2015. The terms “premium” and “compact” confirm its core strengths. Infiniti, after all, is a prestige brand which enables motorists to stand out from the crowd.

Standing out is key for a premium vehicle, of course. The Q30 – which has 5 doors and a hatchback-style boot - therefore earns further plaudits as despite the manufacturer's increasing popularity it is rare compared to some rivals. Many of these can be found on every street and over familiarity diminishes any prestige.

Infiniti Q30 2016

And that brings us to the term “compact”. The Q30 is 4,425mm long by 1,805mm wide which is comparable to a small, family class, vehicle. This ensures it is spacious enough to be practical – it has 5 seats, plenty of legroom plus a 430-litre cargo capacity - yet small enough to manoeuvre and park easily in congested regions. 

Engines, performance and fuel efficiency

The Q30 engine range effectively balances performance with environmental efficiency and sensible running costs. There are, therefore, options for motorists that favour a healthy turn of speed – with respectable fuel consumption and carbon emissions - and those that prefer to sip gas and have more modest acceleration. 

Infiniti Q30 2016

Options are: 1.5-litre 109PS diesel, 2.2-litre 170PS diesel, 1.6-litre 122PS petrol, 1.6 156PS and 2.0-litre 211PS petrol. There is also a choice of 6-speed manual or 7-speed auto transmission, plus front or 4-wheel-drive. The Q30 is not an off-road vehicle, but it is reassuring to have 4-wheel-drive when the surface is wet or icy.

0-62mph times range from 7.2 to 12 seconds and average fuel consumption from 42.2mpg, to 68.9mpg. Furthermore, carbon emission output varies from 108g/km to 156g/km. That equates to Vehicle Excuse Duty (road tax) rates of £0 to £185 for the first year only.

Infiniti Q30 2016

Trims and equipment

Q30 trims include: SE, Premium, Premium City Black, Premium Tech, Premium Tech Gallery White, Premium Tech Cafe Teak, Sport, Sport City Black and Business Executive. Even the entry-level SE has a pleasing specification. Highlights include: Bluetooth, rear parking sensors, voice control, electronic handbrake and hill-start assist.

The Q30 also has an automatic park assistance feature (in certain forms). A series of sensors confirm that a space – either parallel or reverse-in – is large enough for the vehicle. It then automatically steers into the bay while the motorist controls the throttle, gearbox and brakes then the sensors confirm when to stop. 

Infiniti Q30 2016

The around view monitor makes manoeuvring straightforward too. It incorporates a camera on each side of the vehicle, plus a colour screen on the dashboard. Software then forms a 3D, aerial, view of the surroundings. Moving object detection then beeps to confirm that (say) a child is nearby and the relevant camera reveals where.


Infiniti Q30 prices range from £20,550 to £33,335.