posted 5 years ago

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Taken To Limit By Sebastian Vettel

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Tested On Track That Inspired Its Name

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge has been taken to its limit by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. But this was no ordinary test. The concept car – that has a 3.8-litre 568hp, twin-turbocharged, petrol engine – had to excel on the section of race track that inspired its name; Eau Rouge at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. This is one of the most challenging circuits in motor sport where only the finest machinery excels. During the test, the World Champion had to travel as far as possible around the track in a pre-defined time (4:10:920). This was based on how much social media interaction he had accumulated in the weeks before the test. One action equated to one millisecond on the circuit. Vettel, in fact, covered 8.748km despite the treacherous weather and throwing his car sideways. His competitors were Pan Xiaoting – a Nine-Ball World Champion – who covered 7.300km in 4:00:050. She had less time on the track as she had less social media interaction. After climbing out of the car she exclaimed that: “I reached the highest speed of my life on the track”. Third place went to Parker Kligerman who covered 6.241km in 3:02:370. This professional racing driver was, as expected, smooth/consistent throughout. 

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Engine, Transmission, Four-Wheel-Drive And Styling

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge is muscular, powerful and prestigious. Its purpose – rather than as a prelude to an imminent production model - is to provide motorists with a glimpse into the manufacturer's prowess for creating performance models and to emphasise its links with Formula 1. Infiniti, after all, has provided the engines that took Red Bull and Vettel to World Championships in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The Q50's 568hp engine propels 600Nm of torque through seven-speed automatic transmission. A four-wheel-drive system – that receives fifty percent of the power at the front and fifty percent at the rear – then transfers this power into momentum. The result is 62mph in about four seconds and a maximum speed of 180mph. Furthermore, the Q50 Eau Rouge looks similar to its siblings but virtually every panel is bespoke. This enabled the manufacturer to incorporate styling cues from motor sport such as the sculpted front wing and rear aerodynamic packaging influenced by a Red Bull F1 car. Confirmation of its sporty credentials comes courtesy of air vents in the bonnet. Interior highlights include the high-grip steering wheel that houses paddles that enable the river to select gears manually without a clutch, rather than replying on auto shifts. What better car for Eau Rouge?