posted 5 years ago

Infiniti Q50 proves to be one of the ‘safest cars on the road’

Five Star Euro NCAP rating

The Infiniti Q50 is one of the safest cars on the road according to the latest tests carried out by Thatcham the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre. Thatcham’s Chief Executive Peter Shaw said “the majority of accidents on our roads are caused by driver distraction often at junctions. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems can warn the driver of the potential danger ahead and then automatically slow the vehicle down or even bring it to a complete halt if necessary. Here at Thatcham we assess these systems in the Insurance Group Rating “City” test on behalf of UK insurers to evaluate their performance in the most common type of crash: the front-to-rear shunt. In the test we drive the car under robot control at speeds of up to 50km/h towards a unique soft target representing another vehicle, and we measure how well the car performs at avoiding a crash or reducing the impact speed. The Q50 not only avoided the crash at the maximum 50km/h test speed, the Infiniti engineers were confident that it could also do the same at 60km/h, and so it proved. This is a remarkable achievement and as such the Q50 is one of the best performers we’ve seen to date.”

Fintan Knight, Vice President for Infiniti Europe, Middle East and Africa said “today’s drivers need all the help they can get to stay relaxed, comfortable and safe behind the wheel which is why the Q50 is available with many innovative new safety systems.” 

New safety-oriented features

The Infiniti Q50 was recently awarded a five star Euro NCAP rating and in addition to this every Infiniti Q50 includes new safety-oriented features such as seat belt reminder system for all seats, speed limiter, active pop-up bonnet for pedestrian safety, Electronic Stability Control with Active Trace Control, LED fog lights front and rear, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Hill start assist, six airbags and rear view camera and front and rear parking sensors.

The Vice President Fintan Knight also added “Infiniti leads the way in introducing new safety technologies and the Q50 is available with more of them than ever before. As our new-generation standard bearer the Q50 shows just how committed we are to road safety and to keeping the brand in the forefront of safety in the future.”

Order books opened back in June this year for the new Infiniti Q50, it went on sale last month.  The entry level 2.2 litre SE is priced from £27,950 and specification is at a very high standard including 17-inch alloy wheels and run-flat tyres plus LED in the rear light units.