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Insurance Documents No Longer Needed To Tax Cars

Continuous Enforcement Scheme

Motorists are no longer required to have their insurance documents inspected before receiving a tax disc. Why? Because this occasional check has been replaced by the Continuous Enforcement Scheme. This enables the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency to check for compliance regularly by cross referencing the Registered Keeper Database with the Motor Insurance Database. If a car is uninsured its keeper receives a reminder in the post. This is the chance to comply without penalty. However, if no action is taken the offender receives a one hundred pound fixed penalty notice. This, in turn, can be followed by clamping, impounding and/or prosecution. Court penalties include points on the licence, a fine and disqualification. Furthermore, the Continuous Enforcement Scheme minimises the benefit of a popular scam. This requires the motorist to purchase motor insurance so that he/she receives official documents through the post/online. The crook then cancels the policy, claims a refund and retains the paperwork that – until now – could be used to tax a vehicle. So, whereas this documentation still has merit it is of far less value to those with unscrupulous intentions. 

Government Cuts Red Tape For Motorists

The Continuous Enforcement Scheme is part of a package to remove red tape. Let us consider the other elements. Motorists that own vehicles that are not in use must – as has been the case for years – complete a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). However, this is now a one-off rather than an annual process. Vehicles simply remain legally off the road until taxed, sold or scrapped. Furthermore, the paper tax disc for windscreens will be consigned to history from October 2014. But this will not be the end of Vehicle Excise Duty - so motorists will continue to pay to keep cars on the road. This initiative will come into effect for two reasons. Firstly, the paper disc is simply a receipt that can be checked by the police to ensure vehicles are taxed. But this paper trail is superfluous as vehicles are monitored by a camera system that determines  – via registration plates – whether the tax has been paid. The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency complements such checks via a monthly scan of its database then sends fines to non-compliers. Furthermore, the government has confirmed that drivers will soon be able to pay road tax by direct debit which should make life simpler for millions of people.


Add Road Fund Licence to Fuel. The more you use, the more you pay, SIMPLE....

good as l can never find mine at the time of need

ot pydarai

The ANPRCs are a licence for uninsured drivers.These cameras only show the vehicle is insured,they don't show the driver is the policyholder.Therefore one person insures the vehicle and every Tom,Dick or Harry drives it wethe they have insured it or not.

To remove VED , which brings in 6 billion a year, just divide it buy litres of fuel sold. It would add 22p to each litre.

Why dont the Government scrap Vehicle Excise Duty and just put an extra duty on fuel. That way those who use the road most pay the most. Then they could save money by scrapping the department of the DVLA responsible for monitoring Excise Duty. Another government saving.It would only cost the average motorist in a vehicle do 35mpg about £3.00 extra per week for fuel.

Taxing fuel is fine upto the mass transfer to electric and hybrids.

in south Australia..since the removal tax disc in 2012. the abuse of new system.has risen by twenty two per cent..I also say put it on fuel

Crazy idea. To simplify matters, why not have a blanket £25 excise duty for all cars kept on the road, irrespective of vehicle type or age. This would simplify the cost of maintaining DVLA records and visually show a vehicle is registered. Any shortfall of duty put on fuel, so everyone pays according to vehicle usage

Put it on petrol yes but also put third party insurance on petrol as well. The more you drive the greater the risk of an accident, plus all road users will be taxed, no matter where they come from or whether you are honest or have criminal intent.

Another half baked idea ! Why dont the Government scrap Vehicle Excise Duty and just put an extra duty on fuel. That way those who use the road most pay the most. Then they could save money by scrapping the department of the DVLA responsible for monitoring Excise Duty. Another government saving. You know it makes sense !

If you tax your car at the Post Office does the PO counter staff have the info available.

DVLA has a bad record already with computer glitches. This new system will be a recipe for disaster all the government had to do was follow the system used in Canada where number plates are kept with the owner for life along with the road tax sticker which is attached to the rear number plate.

How about this idea to stop un taxed cars using the roads, replace the tax disc with a credit cars style vehicle ID, which must be produced when purchasing fuel. No card no fuel, no fuel, no illegal road use.

Does this apply to foreign registeredcars

Too much emphasis on regulation by automatic process and not enough encouragement to personal high standards that used to separate the honest and dishonest in this country that went hand-in-hand with the presumption of innocence. Many such relatively minor changes add up to an almost complete reversal of that Heritage every Englishman used to have the right to expect in the smallest of things. As my father used to say "One day the ordinary people of Britain will be forced to take to the streets and take back their country..."

I was stopped recently - vehicle was taxed, but this did not show on police vehicle screen, without tax disc, how does one prove it?

Onus will be on seller to prove car is taxed to purchaser. If purchaser doesn't have access to Internet, yes some still do not have Internet!!, there's no visible sign. Agree all paperwork isn't totally necessary, but if stopped by police as not insured or taxed, how do you prove it? Do you take your laptop to police station, log in and prove it???

What effect will the no tax fee have on disabled blue badge holders ??

Why not put the cost of road tax on fuel,the more you use the more you pay,and think of the saving of policing it all.

That makes it easier to nick the plates off another car and put on your's for a short while.....also saves advertising the fact that you don't pay road tax as no disc to fake, substitute or worry about 'plod' on foot checking it. Typical M.P./civil servant move: never think things through.

Why don't we just have a licence system similar to America. one person one tax one insurance then you can put the plate on the car bike truck that you are driving. that you are driving that way the licence is for you and you only

What happens to car tax in Scotland if (heaven forbid!)there is a majority who vote 'YES' in Septmeber?

Interesting that you get a letter to remind you that you don't have insurance but a fine if you don't have road tax. Third parties in an accident don't suffer if the other driver doesn't have road tax but they do if the other driver doesn't have insurance. Wouldn't it be more sensible to fine people, and get them off the road, for not having insurance but send a warning letter for no road tax?

Again I agree how will this prevent car cloning.Also I think it's disgusting how car tax is so expensive when the roads are NOT maintained hence so ma y of us having to replace wheels a d tyres.Ever rising fuel prices and possibly reducing speeds on motorways to 60 mph so will havd to alow even more time on the road.Why make performance cars if you cant drive them correctly?

Seems like a good idea but what happens when a car is cloned ? It happens already but obviously someone (?) has thought this through!

Is these new regulations applicable throughout th UK or is it just England and Wales. I live in Northern Ireland

Does this mean that if your car is on a SORN you don't need insurance? if so why did my Stepson getting a warning letter from the DVLA regarding insurance after the vehicle was SORNed

What if like my husband only has a post office account and not bank how will he get his disabled tax and buy his insurance with out a bank card

You asked for comments on the above article I appreciate anyone commenting should be allowed to put their view across without a moderator interfering with their comments language permitting for decency is it Big Brother or should I say politicians not allowing for public comment any more!


If people are driving without insurance I would say its 99% chance that they are deliberately avoiding paying for insurance. most insurance companies send out new quotes at least 2 weeks ahead of renewal date.

Big brother is watching. Another liberty taken away. If I am driving another car I am covered by my insurance sos the car itself does no have to be insured, surely? Certainly both insurance companies would not pay out. Damned if you do and damned if you dont.

A comment raised here concerns an unused car with a SORN declared for it. If this car is kept off a public highway on either a private drive or in a garage, the vehicle does not have to be insured, although the owner may find it prudent to do so for safekeeping and value purposes e.g. a historic vehicle insured against theft, fire or damage whilst being stored. The moment the vehicle is used again on the public highway it must be insured, the SORN becomes invalid and tax is then due (if not a historic vehicle)The exception about the road tax being whilst the vehicle is being taken and returned to an MOT station, by pre-arranged appointment.

to the person who felt that the £100 fine was too low you should read on - it is for failing to comply with a request there follows clamping impounding and potentially criminal prosecution - it is not aimed at the person who deliberately evades the insurance requirement - it could be someone on extended holiday or in hospital with the car sitting in the garage off road

I think that many people, myself included believed that SORN was for when you took your car off the road and didn't want to pay the tax. I didn't realise that every taxed car had to be insured even when kept unused in a private drive. The amount due back in tax might not be much but the money saved by suspending insurance is much higher. Seems there is always something new to learn

This is another power to clamp down on the uninsured, however, I know from experience the MID database is not up to date. Mostly the insurance companies fault. The police have had the power to seize vehicles under section 165 for no insurance for some time and if the car is not insured and collected within 7 days it is destroyed. It is the same with tax. If you see a car not displaying the correct tax you can report to the police. PCSO's love seizing vehicles. If you are unsure just check it's vrm plate on the dvla website, it will tell you if it's taxed.

I don't have a problem with a simplified process per se, but this scheme looks like a 'car dumper's' charter. For example, there's an oldish car parked outside my house and it's been there for weeks. At the moment I can see that it's taxed. Under the new scheme, what recourse do I have for making sure that it's not going to be there for ever?After all, if it doesn't move it's never going to get picked up by ANPR gantries. As I live in a cul-de-sac, the only time it'll get photographed is by Google Street View cars!

If two vehicles are in a minor collision, police do not have to be involved if the drivers swop insurance details. A good indicator that the vehicle is insured is the tax disc in the windscreen. Sorry but I prefer the Irish system of a double holder in the windscreen showing tax disc and insurance disc.

I hope the database is 100% accurate. I was stopped by the police once as the MID was showing no insurance. I had a certificate and they checked back with the insurance company and they found I had insurance. What they could not understand was how I had been driving around for nearly 6 months with the database saying no insurance. I would not be please to find my car clamped or towed away.

Agree wit most of the earlier comments. £100 is a derisory sum considering the number of vehicles allegedly being driven now without cover. How about impounding/destroying the vehicle? That would concentrate a few minds......

If the vehicle is on the road like many uninsured vehicles you can send as many letters out as you wish and fines and reported to the police as uninsured etc it is only by chance that the police are going to come across the vehicle with the reduction of traffic officers and police officers on the beat and unless the driver of the car is just unfortunate enough to come across one of the stop checks on the road which in my opinion should be doubled if not more . I reported a vehicle to DVLA before Christmas that was showing a tax disc going back to 2011 and that the vehicle is still on the road and being used by a business in Merseyside i'm sorry but I think your scheme is a farce why not use the continental way by identifying insurance/taxation / MOT by vehicle registration the owner of the vehicle payees for a new plates or stamped plate secured by bolts that are theft proof that exist on the market today controlled by Ministry of transport MOT depots only.

About time too, rest of Europe did away with bits of paper years ago. Here in Spain tax & insurance are easily checked by number plate, 1st MoT at 4 years lasts for two years and the test is done at a Government test centre - state of the art too. Camera cars cruise spotting illegal parking and the automated fine is paid at the bank. Do get a coloured sticker for the windscreen though. Old wrecks have totally disappeared of the road.

The £100 fine is for not having continouse insurance on your car, it isn't for example driving around without insurance, there's a difference.

£100 would be cheap but the fixed penalty is £300 + 6 points and the max. fine is £5000. This seems like a good idea to me. I tax and insure online and I haven't printed out an insurance certificate for years.

I agree with Trevor Allen £100 is a small price to pay - Automatic impounding of the vehicle would be a better deterrent and then charge £100 pounds to get the car back with proof of valid insurance

I don't and have never really seen the point in you have to have insurance to tax a car. It stops people trying to get the car back on the road as they have to pay hundreds in one go. It doesn't make a difference as I can not drive my car until I have all three. If it was possible I would rather get the mot. Then tax. Then I sure it over the space of two three months as im in that situation now.

£100 fine for no insurance is a small price to pay if to insur your car is going to cost thousands! How did government come up with such a derisory figure.

The tax disc may be about to disappear but computers can go wrong. I for one will be keeping a print out as proof of payment in case I get stopped if/when the systems don't work.