posted 5 years ago

It's official ‘Women are better at parking than men’

Covert surveillance of car parks across the UK shows women are better at manoeuvring into parking spaces than men

Covert surveillance of car parks across the UK shows women are better at manoeuvring into parking spaces than men. The study is one of the most comprehensive ever conducted on gender driving differences, and took into account seven key components of parking styles.

Women may take longer to park but they are more likely to leave their vehicle in the middle of the parking bay. Women were also found to be better at finding spaces, more accurate in lining themselves up before starting each manoeuvre, and more likely to adopt instructors’ preferred method of reversing into bays.

Men were much quicker at parking, taking 16 seconds on average against the 21 seconds women needed to complete the manoeuvre. However, the extra time paid off leaving 52 per cent of women parked in the middle of each bay, compared to 25 per cent of men. More than three quarters of women were found to excel in their so-called “pre-parking pose”, setting themselves up to pull into a space, compared to just over half of men observed and thirty-nine per cent of female drivers cleanly executed reversing into spaces, compared to only 28 per cent of men.

Vicki Butler-Henderson, the racing driver and television presenter, said “parking in a space is obviously different to reverse parallel parking, but I’m delighted that the fairer sex has come out on top the findings ring true from my experience. “Women do take more time, but I know a lot of male racing drivers who win races and are incredible round a track but can’t park for toffee.”


As a female manager, working with young males in the Motor Vehicle subject area, these are the kind of responses expected from males when confronted about their driving. I get the same response from young lads in the classroom when I show them the stats for driving accidents (majority of which are caused bu young male drivers). Man up all you 'men' and fess up lol.

THey have obviously not based this around parking (Abandoning) cars at schools across peoples driveways when occupants are trying to go to work from driveways. Most school mums seem to have a divine right to 'Park where they like' my needs are more important than anybody else. Consideration of other peoples property is not heard of.

I don't believe this survey for a minute. It's quite obvious that the survey must have been done by women . It's plain to see that men are far better drivers and Parkers than women. Women have not got the skill or ability to know where they should be steering and which direction the vehicle is actually moving. This survey is a joke . Get them all off the roads thats what I say.

It is by far a lot easier to pull into a parking Space than to reverse as there is no precision needed to reverse out,reverse in then the Boot is at rear so with Parking Bays to narrow in the first place, thats how you get your Car damaged by the Reversers trying to get a Trolley down the sides to get to the Boot

reversing into a parking bay is not such a good idea when your at the supermarket, as you have to load the trolley full of shopping into the boot. reversing in makes this job a lot harder unless your posh / rich and have the boot where the engine normally goes. being a bloke i prefer driving in and loading with ease, my wife normally just gets in and leaves it to me,good job she didn't park it them hey?

I think the phrase 'better at...' is misleading. The end result may be more accurate but if the manouevre is looked at as a whole - start to finish - it's apparent that women tend to have little or no idea where the front of their vehicle is at any point, where as a man does. But hey! as long as they get in safely, what does it matter?

About time men were put in their place in regards to parking. I often need to look for a parking space that a 'male' hasn't dominated the space next to him also. They seem to have no consideration for others.

Not where I come from they don't. I can be reversed parked in seconds in the middle. Most women I've seen spend minutes parking or give up and go find another space that is easier. Also, nationalities vary the driving abilities too. If you have immigrants who gave never taken there British driving lessons or tests they can be some of the worst. Which car parks and locations are we talking about?? As for speaking to a racing driver. Don't make me laugh. Most of them can race but can't drive to save there lives. It's not all about moving a car you know.

Have to agree with Jay, if and only if everyone parks in th middle of the bay then it is feesable. Unfortunatley, have to say in my works car park and the very most 1 in 10 women drivers reverse their car into a parking space which everyone with any common knows is more likely to go wrong...

Bullsh*t!!! More anti men propaganda, i suspect. Two years running, young women have ploughed into the back of my car, both had the child on board stickers in the windows. 'Child on board - Brains in boot'............and the older ones arent much better!


These women obviously don't reside in the same area as me - must be the chosen 'few'!

Parking "in the middle of the bay" is not exactly the point, unless the vehicles either side are also parked "in the middle of the bay"!! What is needed is to park in the middle of the available gap!! That way you have not only parked, but you can also get out of the car!!