posted 6 years ago

Jaguar F-TYPE Claims Top Gear Magazine Award

Jaguar F-TYPE Awards, Engines And Performance

Congratulations - the Jaguar F-TYPE has been named BBC Top Gear Magazine's Convertible of the Year 2013. And quite right too. This beauty comes in three forms: 3.0-litre V6 (340bhp), 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged (380bhp) and 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged (495bhp). All have rear wheel drive, plus eight-speed automatic transmission that allows the motorist to cruise in full-auto mode or select the cogs manually via a lever. Alternatively, there are paddles behind the steering wheel which further increase the thrill of piloting this machine. The entry-level trim – which costs £58,520 – charges to 62mph in 5.3 seconds and roars to 161mph. In contrast, its mid-specification sibling hits the mark in 4.9 seconds and is capable of 171mph. All for £67,520. Finally, the £79,985 5.0-litre races to 62mph in 4.3 seconds and hits 186mph. Whereas this is not much faster on paper, the top of the range trim feels far more ferocious than its bedfellows thanks to its extra speed and screaming exhaust note. If funds permit it is certainly worth the extra money. Oh, and congratulations (again). Why? Because this cat is FHM's Drop Top of the Year 2013,'s Best Performance Car and Stuff's Car of the Year 2013.

Jaguar F-TYPE Handling, Styling And Interior

The Jaguar F-TYPE has remarkable handling to complement its performance. As such, it sticks to the road like a leach and has a comfortable ride (for a sports car). These strengths complement the fast/accurate steering that makes finding the perfect line through corners straightforward. That is important in this class, as poor steering has impeded many otherwise excellent sports cars. And there is more. The styling is beyond striking thanks to the muscular lines and the electric, fabric, roof moves into position quickly. Furthermore, when the motorist unlocks the car its door handles – which normally sit flush with the bodywork to maximise aerodynamic efficiency – emerge from their housings to provide access. The vents in the centre of the dashboard perform a similar trick. Once inside, the motorist sits low to the ground and is cosseted by the high doors and sumptuous interior that incorporates a large, touch screen, display. This controls numerous functions and operates intuitively. The same cannot be said for a large number of modern cars. So, what we have is a fast, thrilling racer that deserves everyone of its prestigious awards. 'Congratulations' have never been so richly deserved.