posted 4 years ago

Jaguar Land Rover launch new training scheme

New start for ex-servicemen and women

Jaguar LandRover have launched new training scheme to help tackle high unemployment among ex-servicemen and women. Jaguar Land Rover the UK’s largest automotive employer took on 85 ex-service personnel last year to start new careers in the automotive industry.  Andrew Macfarlane, Process Leader in Solihull advanced manufacturing plant, who joined Jaguar Land Rover last year  said “I spent 22 years in the Army and thanks to my skills and qualifications, I was  very lucky to transition straight from the forces into the company at the end of my  military career.  Working at Jaguar Land Rover has been even better than I hoped,  everyone is very friendly and supportive and happy to help.  Ex-military people  have a lot of transferrable skills and experience and I think it’s great that those who  need extra support preparing for the automotive industry can take part in this new course.”   

Jaguar Land Rover’s latest traineeship programme aims to address the social and economic issues of high unemployment among former service personnel. One in 10 homeless is ex-military and this year, 24,000 military will leave the forces, 6,500 of whom will be Early Service Leavers with no military qualifications, which may make it more difficult for them to find work. The programme builds on the company’s ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’s Workforce’ initiative which started last year and offers dedicated training for unemployed young people, aged 16 to 24, who have missed out on apprenticeships and have struggled to find a job. Jaguar Land Rover has already trained 100 unemployed youngsters and 80 percent of those who have already completed the training have gone on to gain a job, including apprenticeships, or undertake further education at college.

Stephen Howard, Chief Executive, Business in the Community said “Jaguar Land Rover has been a truly impressive Responsible Business of the Year, whose achievements are a compelling example of how responsible business can drive growth and innovation. We know that one of the most powerful ways for business to bring about change and bring value back to business is through creating employment opportunities that nurture talent in our society.  So we fully support Jaguar Land Rover’s plans to provide opportunities for the many skilled returning ex-servicemen.  This is a practical legacy that we hope will encourage many more businesses to fulfill their contract with society.”