posted 2 years ago

Jaguar Land Rover's New Start-Up Promises Car Share App

InMotion launched by Jaguar Land Rover to revolutionise motoring via a range of innovative, smartphone, apps.

Company plans to “overcome” transport challenges

Jaguar Land Rover has launched a new technology company that “builds apps and on-demand services to overcome modern travel and transport challenges”, it said. InMotion is based in London and strives to “meet the new needs” of travellers. The specifics are a mystery for now, but some company statements encourage speculation. 

Car share smartphone app

InMotion imminently starts real world tests of services such as “car sharing” in Europe, North America and Asia, for example. A smartphone app might help drivers that want to share find each other then arrange to meet (say) Tuesday, 9am, at Waterloo Station.

Car sharing has a range of benefits such as minimising traffic congestion, pollution, and wear to the road network. Travellers might also: save money by sharing fuel costs, take it in turns to drive thus slashing the need to stop for rest, and maybe socialise.

Jaguar Carshare

Car ownership solutions

InMotion is also working on “car ownership solutions”, it revealed. The meaning of this phrase is open to interpretation, but a clue might come via a company press release that claimed it wants to enable motorists to “access the car they want - when they want to”.

An article on the company's website adds further intrigue. It claimed: “For decades, owning a car was the sign of personal status: as much a statement of social mobility as an indicator of financial stability.” The writer proposed: “That idea is changing.”

InMotion technology might, therefore, enable motorists to have access to – but not necessarily own – small vehicles for commuting to work in town. Some kind of pay-as-you-go system, perhaps. It might also facilitate the use of larger models for family holidays. 

Jaguar Carshare

Company vision

InMotion explained: “Our vision is to transform the experience of personal travel: to deliver greater freedom, choice, and well-being in movement. To allow you to move when you want, where you want and how you want. Innovation lies at the heart of making this happen”.

It continued: “As an agile start-up (company), we’re well positioned to deliver on that promise. We are creating and growing an enterprise that will, in turn, develop digital businesses that deliver solutions that will shape a smarter and more connected world.”

InMotion concluded: “We believe we can use technology to make this happen today, helping us outsmart challenges and making space for things that matter most.” These include: “Discovering new ways to explore the world around us, spending time with our friends and family, and taking back control of our daily lives.”